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Announcements about OtLand and OpenTibia in general.

OtLand The Official Rules for OTLand

Although the administrators and moderators of OTLand will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author. The owners of OTLand will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

General Rules:
1. Offtopic messages:
Posting messages that have no relevance to the topic of the thread you are posting in will lead to your post being deleted. Repeated posting of...​
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Welcome to new Staff Members!

Thank you to everyone who applied for a role on Otland!

We received numerous interesting applications and after several rounds of careful deliberations would like you to welcome the following members who were promoted!
  • @Roddet taking on the role of Global Moderator, previously service as Senior Support Team member
  • @Addams taking on a role of Board Moderator for the Support board, in the past serving as Senior Support Team member
  • @Erikas...

OtLand 2023 staff recruitment is open!

Today I'm reopening the Staff Recruitment board - our long-standing tradition in looking for interested members to apply to hold staff (moderator) positions.

Our previous recruitment happened about 4 years ago and many of those are still active. We've been through the pandemic, seen resurgence of activity on Otland and our Staff has handled that well. However, now with life mostly back to normal and Otland activity still going strong, we need more help to stay on top of moderation...

OpenTibia otservlist.org hosted board is back

I'd like to announce the few changes for Otservlist.org's board. There has been a feedback thread in the past where some of you have voiced constructive criticism about the state of the board and its purpose. During its long history, otservlist.org has chosen to use Otland's hosted board as its forum and while we no longer have many "hosted project boards", we are keen to continue offering space for this project.

A while ago, due to lack of responses from otservlist.org's...

OtLand Big things coming

Dear members of our community,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce today the closure of our forum. After careful consideration and analysis of user activity, we have come to the difficult decision that our community is no longer sustainable. Despite our best efforts to engage members and create valuable content, we have seen a steady decline in user participation over the year

We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your contributions and support...

OtLand New Staff Members

With the Staff recruitment closing 2 weeks ago, we have reviewed all applications and made final determinations based on a wider set of criteria. The most important factor we reviewed is whether the contribution history (posts, activity) fits the desired role. That means the quality (not quantity) of your posts/profile posts and how often you are available (we don't require spending hours a day but logging in once a month is not enough).

All members that have been unsuccessful at this stage...

OtLand Re-opening Staff Recruitment Board

It's been a while since we were last looking for new moderators. We currently have 11 members of our Staff (Moderators and Administrators) and over 60% still visit the forum every single day! For the curious, the last time we were looking for new staff members was in 2011.

While some users may think that moderators are inactive, that is very far from the truth. We handle almost all reports within 24 hours (some escalated reports sometimes need 2-3 days), with most reports handled...

OtLand Upgrade to XenForo 2.1


Today we upgraded the forum to the latest version of XenForo forum software.

This release adds a number of significant features to XenForo, including:
  • Native push notifications on supported devices/browsers
  • Markdown support
  • Tables
  • Reactions (different kinds of "Like")
  • Avatar next to "last post" information
  • URL unfurling (preview of content you link to)
  • Emoji enhancements including an improved smilie menu with easy emoji access
  • Video uploads (Premium only)...

OtLand XenForo 2 and forum changes

Happy New Year everyone!

As you probably noticed, the forum looks a bit different now. We have upgraded to XenForo 2 and you can now enjoy some new features.

Noteworthy changes
  1. There is a new skin (style) of Otland and it is very mobile-friendly. We will likely stay with this one because alternatives for XenForo 2 are not convincing, nor needed.
    I am aware that many of you would like to see a "dark" theme. Unfortunately, there are no good quality dark themes possible. If...
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OtLand Merry Christmas & Happy New Staff!


Once again, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would like to take this opportunity to present recent changes in the staff:
  • @WibbenZ has been promoted from Support Team member to a Global Moderator!
  • @Static_ has joined the ranks of Support Team!
  • @nekiro has joined the ranks of Support Team!
We would like to thank all three for their awesome contributions on the Support board and recognize their effort with...

OtLand Attachments & More

Dear Otlanders!

Today I wanted to formally announce changes that were gradually implemented over the past two weeks.

Attachments & Downloads
First and most important, we have enabled attachments and raised the limit of a single attachment to 50 MB.

Why and how was it possible?
Over the past few years I have noticed that many links are dying. We have created The Graveyard and we were force to move content with dead links that couldn't be recovered there. A lot of downloads were...
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OtLand Introducing Best Answers

Dear Otlanders!

Today we have added a cool functionality available inside the Support board only. Once your problem was resolved, you can now mark the solution as a "Best Answer" - in a manner similar to how Q&A sites work.

This makes it easier for other people browsing the forum to clearly notice problems with existing solutions and it also helps our Support Team browse through the threads to see the ones without an answer (it is possible to filter threads by answer status at the...

OtLand New Support Team Members!

It's been a while since we have added new members to the Support Team group.

If you're not familiar with the previous announcement, this is an elite group of people who spend a great deal of their time helping other members on Otland, mainly in the Support board. The Otland Staff selects new members to this group who receive certain benefits and recognition for their contribution. Most of the previous members who started as Support Team members are now Global Moderators. Therefore...

Happy Holidays 2014!

Greetings OtLand!
Another year is coming to an end and we are so happy to receive 2015.
We can't believe how fast time is passing, how many victories we had this year, how many failures we survived in our personal lives.

But this is it! Take a tame to enjoy your family, have a nice dinner with them, hug your loved ones, give, receive. Don't make foolish goals, try to make them realistic, ask for help to fulfill them and try not to lose one more year.

Thank you all for this...

OtLand New staff members & anniversary

It's about time for new blood in the staff. We're adding four new global moderators, and demoting some of the current moderators due to inactivity (as in, they haven't logged in or posted anything for months, and haven't provided any reason for their inactivity). We'd like to thank the following users for being part of our staff until today: Bogart, ntmr, Scarlet Ayleid and Xenios.

Our new global moderators are: Evan, Ninja, Siramix and...

OtLand New dark theme and new posts widget.

Dear members,

Since we were getting a lot of criticism about the current theme and apparently, a lot of people wanted to have a darker theme, I suggested a new theme with a dark color scheme. The new theme was approved by our staff team, which was bought by me a few moments ago. It's the dark version of our current theme so do not expect any big update that you'll have to cope with again. You'll also be given the possibility to switch between the current theme and the new theme...
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OtLand Security breach and moving to XenForo

Due to a vulnerability in vBulletin, a user managed to gain full admin rights on the forum. We don't believe that any sensitive data such as password hashes were exposed, but it was technically possible that they were with the access level the user had, so we recommend that you change your passwords.

Because of this event, we're rushing our migration from vBulletin to the forum software XenForo and because of that the forum is unfortunately not in the state we would have wished that it was...

OtLand Arabian Board and staff recruitment (April Fools Joke)

Hello OtLanders,

It has come to the attention of the OtLand staff that there are many Arabians in OtLand that would love to have an own board, it seemed unfair to have an unused board like the Dutch one which has been implemented and not used for a long time now, so after a long time and a big discussion in the Staff Board, the OtLand staff has decided to open an Arabian Board due to the high amount of Arabians in this forum, which means we're going to need new Board Moderators that are...
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OtLand Please do not bite the newcomers - Newcomers Welcome Policy

Dear Otland members,

For some time we have observed decreasing interest in OpenTibia world in general, Otland forum (as well as other OT-related community boards), Otserv/TFS servers and OpenTibia-hacking in general. It is obvious that Tibia is becoming less popular all the time and the community is expanding(?) slowly. We have few developers on whom OT world almost entirely depends on. Even they are sometimes retiring and there are no new contributors that would continue their efforts...

OtLand OpenTibia has moved to Github!

OpenTibia has now moved to github for future development.

You can find the new project at https://github.com/opentibia , with a new sleek interface and all that jazz.

There is also a wiki available at github at https://github.com/opentibia/server/wiki , while humble now, in the future, server documentation, guides and information on how to contribute will be available on github as well. If you'd like to contribute, just register an account at github and start editing...