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    what do you think about evolera no p2w just for fun ?

    i'm an old player of evolera, So Today, I'd like to introduce you to our reworked favorite server evolera; we've been working on it for the past two weeks, aiming to fix known bugs and add new features, feel free to leave feedback. * Client info ------------- - 8.60 custom client What is our...
  2. Aboamen

    [Canada] [Custom 8.6] Cruel-OT | Custom Evo Edited Server | Already Started!!

    Good ot to waste time 😊 Good luck
  3. Aboamen

    CreatureEvent Boss Reward

    we alrady test but we have a proplem the loot dosen't send to the depot and i need to change it to reward cheat like nomal chest to get loot from it. thanks🤗
  4. Aboamen

    CreatureEvent Boss Reward

    if i need to send the loot to onther thing like reward chest what should i do?