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    [Myacc] Graphics Website.

    ok I did as you wrote but it still doesn't help. in the items folder in which I generated the graphics match, but don't look at the page for yourself.
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    [Myacc] Graphics Website.

    yes, I have already generated. only as I have to host what I have to insert instead of a link in the screen.
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    [Myacc] Graphics Website.

    and will it also be able to throw on ren host what is there?
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    [Myacc] Graphics Website.

    Hi, I have the latest version of Myacc, under TFS 0.4. My problem is that there are no graphics there, and if there are any, they are like the one below. Does anyone know how to fix it? Version tibia 8.6.
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    Follow on the commands OTC CLIent

    Yo. How to make follow work in the OtC client so that it does not contradict the lead combo. So if main selects the target, the MC will beat him, and if he selects the target, the MC will follow. Thank you and best regards.
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    Windows Can't connect to server

    On another computer (not what is set), if I enter login and password, the list of characters is displayed and I still do not want to go. It shows that the connection is refused, what do you say? You can check it yourself by the address, create an account and try to log in to the game...
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    [8.6] full edit evolution

    good luck ;D
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    Dodge system TFS 0.3.6

    especially write something on the effect on a dodge because I don't write anything on my ots ?
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    RevScripts Manarune tibia 8.6

    mordo jednak ona nic nie leczy
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    RevScripts Manarune tibia 8.6

    okej dzieki leci rep
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    RevScripts Manarune tibia 8.6

    Siema chcialbym prosic was o skrypt na manarune co leczy wraz z wzrostem levela. Z gory dziekuje. Hello, I would like to ask you for a script on the manarune, which heals along with the increase in level. Thank you in advance.
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    AAC How do you make an administration panel store in an acc maker?

    What can you know how to do admin panel on the acc maker from the link: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. (https://code.google.com/archive/p/gesior-aac/downloads) acc maker: Gesior-AAC 0.6.1.tar.gz I have a problem, would someone help me with this?
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    No loading npc tibia 8.6

    Hello everyone! I have such a mistake with npc what in the movie. In all the npc are set up engine tibi is 8.6 crying damson 0.3.6 v8. Please help me quickly. I am from Poland! I thank you all in advance!
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    8.6 Brak npc po odpaleniu silnika Emporia !

    siema mam podobny problem i nie wiem jak mam to zrobic datapacka pobralem stad [8.6] [DATAPACK Cyleria.pl] - OTS.org.pl - Open Tibia Forum (https://ots.org.pl/Thread-8-6-DATAPACK-Cyleria-pl) silnik crying damson v8 i tez wywala bledy ze wszystkimi npcs i zadnego na mapie nie ma a na rme jest nie...
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    Unknown world type open.

    I have all the problem with something like in the picture. I had two problems related to something like (Unable to load items OTB) I (Fatal OTBM loader) two of them I solved now I have a problem with (Unknown world type open) If it was not cool mapka it would give me peace, but I want to run it...