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    [9.6+] New Thais - Custom city

    http://www.speedy*****malware.localhost/pJxye/newthais.rar BUMP
  2. Belloz V

    Para los que fueron usuarios de otfusión o eotfans o OTSH

    Estudio ingeniería civil, voy en tercer año en sinaloa arriba fierro pariente no lo haga compa ajua
  3. Belloz V

    [9.6+] New Thais - Custom city

  4. Belloz V

    [9.6+] New Thais - Custom city

  5. Belloz V

    [9.6+] New Thais - Custom city

    Hi everybody, 3 months ago i have failed totally in a server. I wasted around 100 bucks to finally get 3 o 4 people online. so i gift it to all of you it its supposed to fit behind thais, because i never really like that alone shit This city was supposed to be only for vip Did you...
  6. Belloz V


    yo soy ingeniero pero civil :(
  7. Belloz V

    New events - bosses - features

    i have never seen that ferumbras, ghazbaran or mogaroth appear in game, i play daily and not a single clue about them. can it be more frecuently too?
  8. Belloz V

    Server dedicado 24/7 ayuda hosting

    Contacta a Sn3jk, el te puede instalar todo por solo 5 euros, en linux myhosting.org,
  9. Belloz V

    Selling Shadowcores money!

    contact me ingame as Starsmith
  10. Belloz V

    Necesito ayuda

    ando vendiendo tamales puenteduros pipitorias pitayas guanabanas mananas cigarros milky way que te voy a adar
  11. Belloz V

    Install easy Whoisonline show outfit

    please reupload outfitter
  12. Belloz V

    Chayenne's Quest is solved!

    so you already know where this teleport go?
  13. Belloz V

    Action Blue, Red, Pirate and Suspicious Surprise Bag, Gooey Mass, Gnomish Supply Package

    Search in your actions.xml surprisebag if you dont have it, put or change the whole line for this <action itemid="6570;6571;7857;15572;16094;16102;18215" event="script" value="other/surprisebag.lua"/> then enter to the "other" folder, if you dont have it make a new one and search for...