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    OTClient Graphics Discussion (Anyone out there more knowledgeable than me?)

    Did someone fixed the performance of light system, or at least a ideia on how doing it so? @tarjei / @Fenrisus Could you help me?
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    [Discussion] Open Tibia with Dark Rift + Unity

    it's not necessary to create another server from scratch, c++ is more efficient and about the client: Unity3D client?
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    Unity3D client?

    @Fenrisus Will this client have packages management, so the modules stay hidden? we need to stop thinking about tibia and start to think it as a full engine 2d, or else we will be limited to some stuff
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    Unity3D client?

    @Fenrisus I would like to know about the performance, could you please compare your engine with ot client, so I could know the difference. I'm very excited about it.
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    Collision System

    like this? Tibia - Hack And Slash
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    OTServ in other programming languages.

    ignore post...
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    Linux Crash - Ubuntu 14 (Detecting Error)

    Why on 'No symbol table info available', Don't show the class and line that has the error, and what can I do to fix this? My sh: #/bin/sh ulimit -c unlimited;while [ 3 ] ; do if [ -f .stopserver3 ] ; then echo server marked down >> servlog.txt;else echo restarting server at time at `date...
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    New OTClient c++ to (WebGL + nodejs)

    Well, i don't have that kind of knowledge, but someone could take the lead and start to create a client using NW.js or Electron. Both are libraries that uses WebGL, HTML, CSS and JS to develop DESKTOP apps multi platform. Imagine how easy would be draw the interface of our games with html+css...
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    Compiling TFS 1.0/1.1 latest source. 64 and 32 bits. Pics and lots of explanation.

    if i choose debugging mod in MVS, while in running, it says "cannot open config.lua", but all files are in "vc12/x64/Debug/"
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    Compiling TFS 1.0/1.1 latest source. 64 and 32 bits. Pics and lots of explanation.

    How do i see the crash log? I already compile in debug mod, but it didnt work.
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    Compiling Compiling The Forgotten Server latest source code - Last Update: 02/12/2010

    nikolas link: break?