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    CreatureEvent Advanced OnAdvance: The Best OnAdvance

    Well, I'm grateful that is is still interesting after all these years : D Never heard of this before, aren't nowadays' computers and internet more efficient?
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    I am depressed

  3. cbrm

    I am depressed

    Read books. Not comics, just the ones of financial education and personal growth.
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    Great Spirit Potion

    Read the sticky threads like this and correct your posts, instead of making multiple threads of the same thing.
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    What's the most beautiful script?

    The one made in Lua ofc.
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    Mundo Padventures.com

    Myth0s, usa Psico-impulso
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    [France] Ramonia 7.6 - Highrate Custom Map - Start Sunday 11th March

    Thread locked for archive.
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    Watch out for scammer my friends! www.vikingtibia.com.br

    This case and the one related to @Slavi Dodo have been revised and there's not strong evidence against the alleged scams with this user. At least his questionable maneuvers are not enough to enforce the forum's final punishment.
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    [France] [7.4] Realesta74 New world Mideresta START: [21.06, Friday 18:00 CET] | Antibot | USA Proxy!

    We have a Feedback section for that, if you want to complain with real proofs.