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    [JAPAN] [7.6] PEORA - JULY 15

    Ahh, I remember when me and fox used dfs and picked every single sqm of that area o_O
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    [Poland] [8.0] SwadiaOT Custom-RPG [BETA]

    Love a good custom map, 2 questions: 1) How do I get an addon? I can't find any NPCs that ask for addon items. 2) How do I start postman quest? Can see lots of the doors requiring postman but don't know where to start. Thanks
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    [France] [7.4] Realesta RPG Low-rate, Long-term Server START [07.12, Friday 18:00 CET] | USA Proxy!

    Sorry I can't recommend this server: -Rollback within a few hours of starting, many people lost around 45mins worth -Still a few bugged spots, e.g. fall down a rope hole but get trapped as nothing beneath - to be fair GM quickly teleported me out. -NOT ALL SPELLS ARE FREE!!! - was playing for...
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    [JAPAN] [7.6] PEORA - JULY 15

    Nice looking updates, I'll check them out later.
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    [USA] [7.4~] Old School War | Level reset 11/28 | FREE BOH & SOFTS

    Hi, just to let you know this is what I get when I click the link to your website: Look out! Your Virgin Media Virus Safe settings have blocked this site
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    [JAPAN] [7.6] PEORA - JULY 15

    Just wanted to say thanks, making this must have taken ages. I'm really enjoying the 'oldschool' experience of exploring and questing. Brings back memories getting one shotted by a random demon skeleton and then again by a giant spider haha.
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    [FR] KearaOT 7.7 Mid Rates

    launch delayed again?
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    [Germany, USA, Australia, Brazil] (BETA)Legendary MasterCores 7.4 is coming back!

    Can't get the client to work. First I had some Service Pack 4.0 problems, downloaded the stuff from the link on your website, still not working. Downloaded stuff off a google search I can now open the client but I get: "failed to update the client" and it lets me go no further. Maybe its my...
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    [Sweden] The Lost Kingdom Server (custom client)

    The server is nice and refreshing, enjoying it so far but haven't spent too much time on it yet. I haven't managed to catch you in game so just wanted to let you know the NPC Riku is bugged for me (charname is 'Tester'). Whenever I say hi or hello he just ignores me so I can't continue the...
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    [France] [7.4] Realesta RealMap Mid-rate START [14.09, Friday 18:00 CET] USA, BRA Proxy!

    Keep making videos Tampon, I, like many others think you're amazing!
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    @Lyky I'm happy to give him the benefit of the doubt and make whatever fixes he needs. Btw whats up with the raids on your server? Logged in last night and got swarmed by orcs north gate of thais - I do love your client though may try again tonight.
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    [FR] KearaOT 7.7 Mid Rates

    The archive is either unknown format or damaged. Can't unzip client with winrar
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    I already did on your forum, guess you don't check it. Here is a list (there are some more but can't remember right now) -Players/Monsters can walk over tables/troughs etc -Rotworms task doesnt work (you can take task but no counter when you kill them/no reward) -Mana fluids are 100gp instead...
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    I would agree with the above poster. This is an 8.6 server with 8.6 features with a 8.0 map implemented. So many bugs some of which are gamebreaking. You should at least have run some tests before releasing.