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Recent content by Clickzz

  1. Clickzz

    My new gallery

  2. Clickzz

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    Update: Really long time ago i updated the thread.. but here's some new sprites that i made recently :)
  3. Clickzz

    Mowi spriting showoff

    Love the colours on that axe dude😍
  4. Clickzz

    Kaper Pixelarts

    Looks very good buddy, keep on grinding🥰
  5. Clickzz

    Exodis Dungeon! just a part!

    Looks clean and nice, it gives me a good feeling! GJ
  6. Clickzz

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    Update: Okey so i like my design of my Noxious Bow.. so i made 2 new bow's with same design but different colours and names! -Deadly Bow -Glacial Bow -Noxious Bow (Old one) Wich one is your favourite bow? :)
  7. Clickzz

    Dan Gallery

    Awesome! You got maaad skills bro, you did super cool stuffs🥰🥰🔥
  8. Clickzz

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    Thank you m8 :D Yeah theese sprites could be free to use for anyone, but if you are going to use them please give me credit! :) Enjoy 1619032132 Update: Good evening, i hope that y'all doing good this wounderful day! I made a badass bow & slightly updated the Darkness Sword, let me know what...
  9. Clickzz

    Syl4s Graphics Gallery

    Very nice! Looking forward to see more of this😃
  10. Clickzz

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    Thank you mate, i appreciate your support❤️
  11. Clickzz

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    Update: Hello everyone, i hope that you guys had a good Easter! Here is some new sprites that i been working on, i hope that you like them :) -Redskull Staff -Forest Necklace -Book -Royal Sledgehammer
  12. Clickzz

    10.98 Custom openworld MappingThread

    Looks good as allways m8! Keep the good work up
  13. Clickzz

    Leshrot Graphics Gallery

    You got mad skills bruuuh, love this masterpiece's!!
  14. Clickzz

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    Hmm.. the Frozen Blade i think is cool and i like the animation :p Darkness sword, yeah its too dark now i can see, will make a rework on this one.
  15. Clickzz

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    Thanks for your feedback! Im working on it, what do you think about the swords etc?