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    how can i change client version

    I don't think you can, you'd have to download your desired client again.
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    [USA] Valor Online - 10.98 Custom RPG Evolutions

    Had a blast playing, even for just a bit. People should try this server, great and awesome content, regular updates, lots of fun events, for real If you want a fun not global tibia server, this one is really good. A few pictures of my experience.
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    Poll: Hunger/thirst/tiredness system (details in thread)

    I was thinking about this for a while, and came to the conclusion that it'll be painful and boring if it affects the gameplay making it harder and slower, so in order for it to work, I think, as some others already said, that it should instead give buffs if you're full, and remove them if not
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    ReVot - The Evolution of RPG Servers

    7 Years in the making :D. Obligatory 2 years after update. Updated to 10.98, looking into 11.xx or last tibia version. Working in yet another AAC, this time, NodeJS restful API.
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    I need tibia client 10.21 | please!!

    Tibia Clients there's a google drive with every client.
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    Tibia PNG/BMP Spritesheet

    Well, first of all hello, I've been away from the community for a long time, I've some projects I never finished and I decided to share them. You can check and download my old Pokemon Map So anyways. I need some help, I've been trying to find a Tibia spritesheet in PNG or BMP and haven't been...
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    Core's Pokemon Map

    Imgur Gallery So I've been away the Open Tibia community for a while, and I've some projects I never finished so I decided to share them with you all. This is a Kanto Map, based on the OG Games.
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    ReVot - The Evolution of RPG Servers

    Thanks :) you should Been a little busy but there's been some updates UPDATED TO 10.78 STILL WORKING ON AAC - Now you can create accounts and characters - Bit of work on the design
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    Solved can't connect to my ot

    Try using localhost in the ipchanger
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    Solved can't connect to my ot

    Well then. Mmm What ip are you using in the ipchanger? and can you atleast load the caracter list?
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    Solved can't connect to my ot

    If your modem doesnt support NAT loopback it'll use your global ip as the modem configuration url. It'll be fine for outside connections but you won't be able to make it work for you. If you have a website and you try to view it with your global ip you wont be able to. Search NAT loopback...
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    Solved can't connect to my ot

    I just had the same problem. Whats your modems model?. If you can set NAT loopback on you can fix it.
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    Who are you and what you doing in here? Poll

    I've been out of ots, otland, or anything tibia related for quite a while. But I just tought I might have some fun making a server so I decided to finish my old project. I work alone. Im mostly a web developer now, but I do everything for my project, design, map and lua scripting. I left when...
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    xd table 'players_online' doesn't exist
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    ReVot - The Evolution of RPG Servers

    Bit dusty, but I'm working on this again, not sure how it'll end this time. UPDATED TO 10.77 WORKING ON CUSTOM AAC BASED ON LARAVEL 5 (not pandaac) WORKING ON SCRIPTS/MAP UPDATE