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  1. Damon

    [NL] [10.98] Dolport Challenges

    Thanks for the thorough reply mate :) No need to apologize. I probably was just too dumb to understand it right at the first time haha. Now, this makes way more sense and is probably way more realistic than a full custom sprites server right off the bat. In that regard would you even play smth...
  2. Damon

    [NL] [10.98] Dolport Challenges

    You have been around for a long time, mate. We both have. I always was happy about your feedback regarding my Damonia server back then. I also think your feedback is always quite helpful and beneficial to the projects you comment on. Unfortunately, you have already seen a lot of servers and...
  3. Damon

    Help Mysql Backup Windows

    Maybe smth like https://learntech.imsu.ox.ac.uk/blog/mysqldump-all-databases-from-xampp-on-windows/
  4. Damon

    [NL] [10.98] Dolport Challenges

    I really like the approach you are taking with this project. So many servers are either not being published because they are hesitating to go live without a super large and custom map and an immense amount of custom features or are RlMap/TP servers with some dl&run datapack with tons of errors...
  5. Damon

    About hosting - VPS / dedicated

    Starting out with a VPS is fine. VPS can usually easily be scaled if your server needs more resources while starting out cheap. It's less of a hassle and some VPS providers like Hetzner even provide automatic backups to easily go back in time if you screw things up.
  6. Damon

    [Autoinstaller] Compiles TFS + LAMP Stack + Dummy MySQL Database+User for Ubuntu (tested with 18.04 LTS 64bit)

    It compiles the latest TFS version on Github. The client version depends on your project.
  7. Damon

    VIDEO TUTORIAL: From nothing to a fully working OT server, website and shop system

    Feel also free to give my script a try :) https://otland.net/threads/autoinstaller-compiles-tfs-lamp-stack-dummy-mysql-database-user-for-ubuntu-tested-with-18-04-lts-64bit.265827/
  8. Damon

    Is there European Tibia Youtuber?

    Now I feel old :/
  9. Damon

    [Autoinstaller] Compiles TFS + LAMP Stack + Dummy MySQL Database+User for Ubuntu (tested with 18.04 LTS 64bit)

    Since I can't update the OP just saying that this is still working well with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and won't be necessarily upgraded to any higher version before it reaches EOL. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will be stable and patched for another few years.
  10. Damon

    Is there European Tibia Youtuber?

    Not active anymore but Stingkee (german) from Sting&Core with more than 600?! let's Play Tibia Videos and some quest videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGKMxGP2XCD8Pvc2JfwsNcxq-Mguz3u1T
  11. Damon

    What was your first OTserver that you play?

    Objectivity today can't beat Nostalgia back then. Change my mind :D
  12. Damon

    COVID-19 and Tibia

    Tibia entered a golden age again lol
  13. Damon

    What was your first OTserver that you play?

    Agoina by @Merrok and team ;) Good times <3
  14. Damon

    Happy Birthday to my boy Peroxide!

    Happy Birthday @Peroxide ! Have a good one :) Stay safe! Love you <3
  15. Damon

    Programmer Looking for CSS,Bootstrap,HTML expert

    You'll need a graphic designer too, then. Not everything is just script, you know.