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    Art/logo graphics designer

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    Czas respawnu jak na RL Tibii

    Otwórz ręcznie spawn.xml i edytuj spawn albo masowo albo względem nazwy bossa.
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    New otservers list! Otservers.online

    Sorry, wrong choice of words, I think everyone knows what I mean.
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    New otservers list! Otservers.online

    I think every project should have the same capabilities and if there is an option for otservlist to have a board, why can't others have it? Even more so would the matter of wanting to remove their subforum. And i don't agree with the statement that it says anything about me or the team, i just...
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    New otservers list! Otservers.online

    I have a question to all who read this topic, if otservers.online release V2 (official site) i want postulate subforum on otland like Otservlist Discussion (https://otland.net/forums/otservlist-discussion.451/) If any server list have this possibility i think we can do the same. If any admin/mod...
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    New otservers list! Otservers.online

    More help community and refreshing society of server list.
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    rashid problem tfs 1.3 8.6

    Dont use 2160, use name of item: crystale coin.
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    New otservers list! Otservers.online

    I think we will add a white theme in the next update. We are currently trying to do something new, and don't want to copy other well-known pages.
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    New otservers list! Otservers.online

    https://otservers.online/ We present a preview version of our servers list. Servers and statistics are updated on a regular basis. You can browse and adding servers. This is not the final version and it is stripped of many functions. We have made it available to collect feedback, comments...
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    Lua Config.lua (monsters)

    I believe i can fly i believie i can touch the sky...
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    migrating from tfs 1.3 to 1.4 nekiro

    Faster will be remove from spawn file.
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    Is it possible to add currency after crystal coin? |TFS 1.3| |8.6|

    But npc do not recognize then
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    TFS 1.X+ Where to find option to create summon on fire?

    Hello all! I have problem with summons. I search where monster create summon and add option to create it on fields like fire, poison etc. And the same with player who create summon can do it on fields. Any solution, idea? 8.6 Otx 3
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    npc in two languages

    Change ę-ą-ś to "e-a-s" And reload scripts/npc