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    RevScripts Enviroment spell 1.3

    Thx for all your help!
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    RevScripts Enviroment spell 1.3

    thx Thx for the help! :) Got a problem, when i change it like this to make it only 1sqm it still hits all sqms like this for x = (info.centerPosition.x - 7), (info.centerPosition.x + 7) do for y = (info.centerPosition.y - 5), (info.centerPosition.y + 5) do local config = { -------------500+...
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    RevScripts Enviroment spell 1.3

    Hello, i would want to make this script work like this instead: *Config to use only one or more effects, for example 3, 5, 10 and 20. *Config to use specific different locations not only from pos topos, for example Position(116, 423, 7), and Position(126, 443, 7), and Position(135, 436, 7)...
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    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.3] Upgrade System

    Anyone know how to make it so items don't break at all? When im changing anything here up or down: UPGRADE_LEVEL_DESTROY = 7, -- at which upgrade level should it break if failed, for example if = 7 then upgrading from +6 to +7-9 can destroy item on failure. I get this error: Lua Script Error...
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    [CANADA][Custom/OTC] BlackTalon Online - Official Launch July 23rd, 7 PM GMT+2

    Me and my team are having alot of fun playing your otserver, but a big downside from our prospective is the short time it takes to loose shared exp. Cant lure in a spawn when hunting because shared exp is removed after 5sec of not attacking a monster.
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    [TFS 1.+]Bomberman

    Anyone have any idea how to fix the lever?
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    [USA] [8.0] Old DeathZot

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    [USA] [8.0] Old DeathZot

    @Nurven server down?
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    [France] [8.60] BudexOT - Custom OT PvP-E | War & RPG & Fun | Starts 08th January 18:00 CET

    I have played since start now and i cant understand why he havent even fixed some things that takes 5min and still here 1. Hellfire Fighter tp leads to out in the spawn 2. some mobs don't even want to walk on there own elements, like spiders on poison 3. loot in 30-50% of all mobs are bugged...
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    Action Advanced quest chests 1.x

    thx for the help somehow i missed that
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    Action Advanced quest chests 1.x

    Old post but dont understand the error. @strutZ Lua Script Error: [Action Interface] data/actions/scripts/monzera/multichests.lua:onUse data/actions/scripts/monzera/multichests.lua:17: attempt to index global 'questChests' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function '__index'...
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    Agree with all of the above. They could make some sort of daily quest for points or missions for points to make it a bit more f2p so you can grind to vip island and towards items to make the gap smaler between donor and non-donors
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    [Tf 1x+] Event Roulette

    Got the script to work! But cant understand the chance to get a reward can anyone explain? @PAPACU Nice work!
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    aha okej :) Missed that, any estimate time? And post the discord for me ;)