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    Compiling How to recolor sprites?

    Use Paint/Gimp/any graphic software and then add item with ItemEditor + ObjectBuilder
  2. devzan14

    Common Disappointments

    Well, talking about servers' population is kinda other thing. Let's assume there are 50 players that WOULD play the server but they dont because server is empty. My point is, someone has to be that first one. Especially if it is not a just launched server. For me, when i used to be a ot player...
  3. devzan14

    Common Disappointments

    Definitely short lifespan of servers. In the past there were (and still are, and probably will be) a lot of servers that tried to be long-term, serious servers which died very quickly. The question is why was that.
  4. devzan14

    Faster Spells TFS 1.2

    I guess he talks about animation speed, not about the cooldown?
  5. devzan14

    TibiaScape - Development Thread

    This voice is sooo creepy Anyway, nice. Waiting for some open beta.
  6. devzan14

    Tibia memes

    Ahh so nostalgic. Still remember entire lyrics 🤩
  7. devzan14

    Tibia dieing?

    That's "natural" cycle of product, that's happening to WoW now as well. But to make this happen, voices of ppl complaining to modern tibia must be overwhelming. And then, Cipsoft have to calculate that makes sense and will bring profit. As long as they fine how it is in current state, nothing...
  8. devzan14

    Tibia dieing?

    https://www.cipsoft.com/en/press/press-releases/221-result-financial-year-2020 They earn more, because tibia players are adults now, who can afford it. Less players, but more revenue, because bigger % of active players spend their money.
  9. devzan14

    PHP/HTML tables alignment question

    Inspect that cell through browser, check its CSS and then you'll find out :P
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    Client 10.98 with latest sprites [10.98 with 12.80 Sprites]

    I am ashamed with spamming nooby questions in this thread, but had no other choice... How should i edit those xmls? For ItemEditor it was obvious (i guess?), just edited PluginThree.xml like this: <client version="1098" description="Client 10.98" otbversion="57" datsignature="4A10"...
  11. devzan14

    Client 10.98 with latest sprites [10.98 with 12.80 Sprites]

    Can anyone explain like to complete noob, what ItemEditor and ObjectBuilder i do need to use with that sprites? Are there any "up to date" ItemEditor and ObjectBuilder? If not, what alternative are there? What tricks to do that? I see Evil Puncker have linked some Downgrade Tool, but I'm not...
  12. devzan14

    TFS 1.X+ Changes in xml / lua don't apply immediately

    Oh, so maybe it is connected to error i have since ever (any time, any TFS) during creating character via SQL.
  13. devzan14

    TFS 1.X+ Changes in xml / lua don't apply immediately

    Well, but it haven't. That was the main reason i created that thread. Once i had 12 mana per 5s for sorcerer, then i changed it to 10 mana per 5s, and for one sorcerer it stayed at 12. I could say its fixed since i copied working one, but i imagine situation i will edit it once again with 500...