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    [FRANCE][10.98] Odysseia War // custom war server// advanced mining and crafting// - 14th Augustus 18:00 CET

    No other server I played had this problem when downloading their client and using an installer. So no, were not just going to ignore it. Fix it :)
  2. dlaw14

    [CANADA][Custom/OTC] BlackTalon Online - Official Launch July 23rd, 7 PM GMT+2

    Well Ill be damned! I remember last year when you guys were making this, im so happy to see how far you guys have come! Ill be on in a little bit, kind of busy this weekend with the fam. Best of luck, and cant wait to get on! Yours, Smokie <3
  3. dlaw14

    [France][Custom] Revolution OT V2 16th July 19CEST • 12 Dungeons • Over 60 Quests/150+ Spawns • NO P2W! • Custom Vocs & Spells • New Content • Proxy S

    I can tell you, that starter gear is nothing compared to what you get a bit later. Relatively fast too it gets swapped out.
  4. dlaw14

    [France][Custom] Revolution OT V2 16th July 19CEST • 12 Dungeons • Over 60 Quests/150+ Spawns • NO P2W! • Custom Vocs & Spells • New Content • Proxy S

    Yeah i asked if points were returned or is it a fresh start, and was told a fresh start. Now looking at what you just posted. Things should be more clear. Bubba didnt specify what points would be returned back and when. He just said they would be returned. Thus giving us the intentions he...
  5. dlaw14

    [France][Custom] Revolution OT V2 16th July 19CEST • 12 Dungeons • Over 60 Quests/150+ Spawns • NO P2W! • Custom Vocs & Spells • New Content • Proxy S

    I played the first era of this. Was actually pretty fun then. I am quite curious to see these changes up close :) See you there :) Best of luck to you @Awesomedudei . Truly recommend this server, or at least to give it a try.
  6. dlaw14

    [Poland] [8.0] Customera | Custom Map | Exp x1.25/Skill x1 | 26th June 17:00 CET

    Lol. Just lol. Threads like these should be locked due to the false advertisement. There is nothing about this map that is custom. Its all copy and paste. Legit. I dont know why troll servers like this are even allowed to be put up. Its just a waste of everyones time, and space on the forum...
  7. dlaw14

    Do you still prefer 8.60 instead of 10.98? or 12x or what ever

    7.6 forsure! mechanics are great. 12.6 the odd time, hard to come by a good custom 12.6+
  8. dlaw14

    [Germany] [Custom] OxygenOT | RPG/PVP | NEW EVO

    Ive only died once and im lvl 900 :P
  9. dlaw14

    [Germany] [Custom] OxygenOT | RPG/PVP | NEW EVO

    I will say, after playing some the past 24 hours, I am having lots of fun. Yes the whole cave botting is an issue, but after speaking with mRefaat on discord, in which he was very open to hearing ideas and possible solutions to give manual players the upper hand on botters, and after talking, I...
  10. dlaw14

    [US] [7.4] Nostalther - A Real, Retro Experience | GLOBAL + CUSTOM

    I had issues with the clients graphics as well. It seems to drop and is very choppy. Ive had to use OTCV8 Client in order to play when I did. Other then that, server was very fun. People are helpful when you start out. Will continue to play when I can. Really not a bad server at all. great work :)
  11. dlaw14

    [USA] [12.6] Over-Time | Real Map | Custom | PVP

    Actually a pretty fun server. Recommend for sure!
  12. dlaw14

    [USA] [12.6] [TRASHFORMERS!!!] [REAL-MAP]

    I wasnt kicked LOL I left. Nice try though. I am moving on, and allowing this community to see what kind of server this really is. Ive been around for over a decade man, I have my stripes here. People know me well enough that what you are saying is bull :). Put more words in my mouth. Just to...
  13. dlaw14

    [USA] [12.6] [TRASHFORMERS!!!] [REAL-MAP]

    Yeah, join the toxic and twisted community. xD please man. This server legit consists of like 10 people with 2-3 chars on each. The few random 3-5 people that are not part of the 10 people group. The p2w factor. The Bugs. The crashes. The cheats. Dont even act all innocent man. This server is...
  14. dlaw14

    [USA] [12.6] [TRASHFORMERS!!!] [REAL-MAP]

    Dont even waste your time here. The owner clearly plays favoritsm, letting certain people macro levels. Very buggy as well, p2w server. Toxic people. Dont even waste your time legit. GMs also abuse their powers. Give themselves items. Kick from discord when u disagree. its a disgrace of a server.
  15. dlaw14

    [USA] [Custom/7.4] Sanctuary Online - Immense RPG Experience!

    Ill come give it a try. Been a while since ive played an OT. :)