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    [Cyntara] Old School 8.4

    My god this is aold and hey look im number 4 on there lol xD i miss the old days
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    Roxor Map 9.44 OT!! Cyntara

    Cyntara Cyntara is a great fun server for RPG'ing, Warring, or making friends! Cyntara has friendly admins, and players who are more than willing to help. We are hoping you'll join us with the fun! Server Specifications IP Address: Account: Made on site...
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    Gaming Red's Knight Life Thread. From Zero to Deletera!

    =o Hey REd I think I know what server it is too btw =D Huntad for not tellin me hi on msn/cyntara
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    [Event] Forum Game

    I Idolize Albert Einstein, Because he himself was a high school Clown, yet he was also recognized as one of the worlds smartest people. His Occupation was a Theoretical Physicist. He is the "daddy" of modern day Physics from the creation of the Theory of Relativity (E=MC^2). He inspired me in a...
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    Exori mas rai... Fail?

    Nono all it does is have a higher crit rate which is good but it's still a waste of mana and the damage is about 300~ more than exori rai Also Exori mas flam deals physical damage? idk if that's right but it does less than exori rai with 1k more mana
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    Knights Summoning Horses!

    So me and Great White North came up withan idea to help knights to be funner to play as... Let's allow them to summon horses! that they can mount and 1.5*~2* their speed only 1 at a time to make it fair... But why stop there? Said Great White lets make a spells Exorita Buck that summons...
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    Exori mas rai... Fail?

    Needs to like do more damage, bigger radius or an elemental damage because it hits about 500~ more than mas rai for 1.75k more mana... It is just an epic waste if you ask me :(