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  1. drakylucas

    AAC [MYAAC] How can I change the default skills per vocation?

    Hello all, How can I change the default skills of each vocation? I tried changing on Samples in database, for magic level it works, but for shielding, sword, etc it does not work. It creates with the default value "10" for all vocations. I couldn't find the trigger in the database and also...
  2. drakylucas

    [GitHub] OpenTibia 10.98, Raspberry Pi, Docker

    Hello, this is a very good project! Thanks for your contribution to the community! I'm totally newbie in containers/docker, but I'm trying to copy/paste some of your work to make a test here (without using ORTS). I have a doubt. I could manage to run the website/database though Docker, but it...
  3. drakylucas

    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    Some time ago I played a server called "ruthless chaos". It was pretty fun. Loved the lore, all the systems (such as mining, gathering, dungeons without chests in the end, etc). They used to have a max level limit before someone killed all the bosses from lore. I think max level was 100 and, if...
  4. drakylucas


    It's missing "where" clause in your Sql statement table.insert(queries, "update players set level = " .. config.newLevel .. ", experience = " .. config.newExp .. "" .. (config.resetMagic and ", maglevel = " .. config.newMagic .. "" or "") .. (config.resetHealth and ", health = " ...
  5. drakylucas

    Proof of concept of a new game engine

    Good lucky in your project! Just expressing my humble opinion, if the protocol of tibia is not well optimized as it could be (due to old technology perhaps?), recreate them in your way. This way, you only have to rewrite some things on otclient and we can have a modern server-side with...
  6. drakylucas

    ExpPotion tfs 1.3

    Yep, adding above code from @Xikini and not removing the addEvent part should also work. This way, when player login again, the addEvent is added again (in case he still have some time). You can also edit this onLogin function to add a message in case the timer expired while the player was...
  7. drakylucas

    ExpPotion tfs 1.3

    In your prints, you're not printing the ID of the potion, but the exp before/after. As it did not print "potion found", I suppose it didn't found the potion in "expPotion" table. Where are you defining the storage number for STORAGEVALUE_POTIONXP_ID and STORAGEVALUE_POTIONXP_TEMPO? I...
  8. drakylucas

    tfs.service: Main proccess exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV

    Is there anyone on your database with an invalid town ID? (I'm not so good reading logs, but it seems the error started while saving a player, and happened because something related to townId)
  9. drakylucas

    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.3/4] Wrong SQM's/Tiles blocking?

    Maybe related to this? https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/pull/3390 I don't know if Nekiro downgrade cherry-picked these commits
  10. drakylucas

    Any good OTC OTUI explanations?

    I think it's pretty similar to CSS. Try learning the basics of css, such as positions, margin, padding, etc.
  11. drakylucas

    Self-Made Tibia Bot project :)

    As far as I remember, battleye is not working on Mac and Linux, so it shouldn't be that hard to make a bot in these platforms. I believe, on Linux, you can read memory from tibia and make your bot react using it, instead of taking screenshots every second and parsing them.
  12. drakylucas

    OTClient Aura Placement

    I'm not saying whether you should or not use his sprites, but accusing him because he didn't protect his files very well is not the right thing to do. For instance, If you let your electronic gate opened by mistake for an hour or two, it don't give others the right to steal everything on your...
  13. drakylucas

    does player:addExperience() ignore stages?

    In that case, isn't the function in compat.lua wrong? I mean, it will multiply twice if useMulti is true (one in that function and the other in onGainExperience event) https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/58c5deba36d86858308baf51640cca88cd103a57/data/lib/compat/compat.lua#L674
  14. drakylucas

    does player:addExperience() ignore stages?

    Yes, it ignores, but there is a compat function that you can use that will make use of stages if parameter is set to true. https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/58c5deba36d86858308baf51640cca88cd103a57/data/lib/compat/compat.lua#L674
  15. drakylucas

    Whats your Computers Stats?

    Ryzen 5 3600x Rtx 2060 2x8gb 3200mhz RAM vangeance (corsair) B450m gaming 2x 1Tb ssd From KindDian Cv650 (corsair) Screen: 23.8 inch 160hz from Acer (forgot the model, I'm not at home right now) Keyboard: logitech g213 prodigy Mouse: logitech g103 Headset: hyperx cloud stinger