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  1. drakylucas

    2022 and Paypal is still doing it

    If the guy paid it using his credit card instead of money already deposited on his account, I think he could also ask for a refund in his credit card. This way, probably the credit card's company contacted PayPal and asked the refund as well, and PayPal just accepted it in favor of the bad user.
  2. drakylucas

    Proof of concept of a new game engine

    Is saving map in a json a good idea? The file would be very large and it would take a lot more time to load than a binary file. But, at least, it would be possible to control this file through git (as you would know exactly which part of the map the contributor would be changing)
  3. drakylucas

    Questions about OTC and TFS datapacks

    There are some features that can be done totally in server side (for instance, the boss reward chest), and features that needs protocol changes (store, prey, market, etc). I think they use the most recent engine available (tfs, otservbr, otx, etc) and they disable the features they don't want...
  4. drakylucas

    Starting a private server is unnecessarily complex. :(

    https://otland.net/threads/simple-all-in-one-from-nothing-to-a-fully-working-dedicated-server-on-ubuntu.212117/ In case you have a Linux machine or vps, just use this playbook and everything will be fine. Website, server, basic config.lua already configured, etc. If you don't care about...
  5. drakylucas

    Server crashes for a global IP. (TFS 0.4)

    If you are using windows, try to run it inside "cmd", so you can check for the error message
  6. drakylucas

    How to get FREE VPS from Oracle Cloud

    It should be possible. Tfs doesn't even make use of vcpkg. Just follow the steps from official github https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/wiki/Compiling-on-Ubuntu
  7. drakylucas

    MyAAC Global Layout

    Does it works with canary (otservbr) ? (without most of xmls). The original myaac doesn't load creatures, spells and stages for canary (because all is configured in Lua). Pretty nice job! Amazing screenshots
  8. drakylucas

    [12.x] OTServBR-Global

    Update your canary base and recompile. At least market is working here, I'm not sure about tournaments, though.
  9. drakylucas

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.5 Nekiro

    Try replacing "It\s" to "It\'s"
  10. drakylucas

    [Brazil] [12.X] Draky OT | For Fun | YurOTS modified map

    Modified prices from potions / kegs in Store (note: as mentioned above, the only way to gain store points is playing the game (either being online or by doing tasks). Added some respawns & quests (This underwater city was made by @leo9393 here, credits to him) As the base map is from 7.6...
  11. drakylucas

    TFS 0.X Engine Crashes?

    As you're running it on windows, you might be able to run it in debug mode inside visual studio. Then you'll know what happened when it crashed.
  12. drakylucas

    Market System Cloning items

    Im not so familiar with TFS code, but running the code inside the If(!itemList.empty()) {xxx} Isn't the same check as using the return in case itemList is empty? I didn't got why the second one is safe and the first one is bugged
  13. drakylucas

    anti map tracker

    Even if you avoid tibia 10 client, they can use otclient to track your map.
  14. drakylucas

    [Brazil] [12.X] Draky OT | For Fun | YurOTS modified map

    Thanks for the feedback @Dezell Added Grizzly Adams npc with tasks for current monsters in my map. Note: tasks will give money, exp and tibia coins as rewards, so I suggest everyone to do them! Doubled the mana/life/soul regeneration amount, as suggested in above comment. Fixed some stairs...
  15. drakylucas

    TFS 1.X+ Cannot trade with any NPCs [opentibiabr]

    Update your canary executable. You can download the most recent one for windows here: AppVeyor (https://ci.appveyor.com/project/opentibiabr/canary/build/artifacts?branch=master) Or compile by yourself from GitHub - opentibiabr/canary: Canary Server 12.x for OpenTibia community...