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    [France] [7.72] Shadow-illusion | 29 September 18:00 CEST

    It's the p2w aspect and stamina for me
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    [SWEDEN][12.85] Sword Art Online - SAOT live now

    For anyone wondering about it, the updater application is not the client. After the update happens, go into the folder that was extracted from the zip by the updater. Then go into the folder, bin folder, open Application called "Client" If your folder requires admin, make sure you open the...
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    [SWEDEN][12.85] Sword Art Online - SAOT live now

    Sounds cool, I'll check it out👍
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    [Poland] [Custom] Naruto Story

    Of course you'd neglect the rest of my message. Thank you for proving me right :)
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    [Poland] [Custom] Naruto Story

    They managed to turn a part of the game that should not be part of the game into a microtransaction lol, upośledziu. Regardless of whether you can pay with in game or not, the costs with in game money are so high. A low level could not afford them right of the bat. Which means it encourages pay...
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    [Poland] [Custom] Naruto Story

    The server looks p2w but I'll give it a go as a free player Edit: LOL You have to pay to train so that you can play. What is this master microtransaction shit lol
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    [POLAND] [8.60] NERAVIA RPG CUSTOM MAP | 11 Jun 2022 18:00 CET

    This server looks good and I really want to play it but every time I rejoin to play it I am hit by lag. I think it has gotten better but it still makes it difficult to play :(
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    [USA] [CUSTOM / 7.4] Souls of Elysium - 7.4 Mechanics, New Features, New Story! LIVE BETA

    The owners seem to be working hard on this server from what I can see on the discord
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    [POLAND] [7.6] YurOTS | [19 August 2022 18:00 CET] | NO SMS SHOP | The Classic RPG | CUSTOM CLIENT

    I guess I misconstrued the definition of "inside" and that ! was barely visible. Perhaps an edit would be nice to accommodate people like me. "Use the command: !train within the temple area in order to teleport to trainers" You know, wording and all
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    [POLAND] [7.6] YurOTS | [19 August 2022 18:00 CET] | NO SMS SHOP | The Classic RPG | CUSTOM CLIENT

    Created an account, created a character, logged in. Read the sign, "train inside the temple" went downstairs to look for these trainers since I figured I spawned in the temple. Died to random mobs that were out of place. Lost my backpack and items. Quit. Cheers lol
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    [Poland][Custom] Story of Dragon Ball

    I've never played a dbz ot, is there skilling in this game?
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    [CANADA] [Custom / 8.0] WeAreDragons LOWRATE

    Thanks for the heads up!