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Recent content by dredwan

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    Exaltation forge otland tfs

    Will the final content of the exaltation forge be public? I would like to test it...
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    TFS 1.X+ Lifefluid and POT nekiro version 7.72 1.5

    what is that OTC? i need it XD plx
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    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    it works with 8.00? i got error: "connection failed. (error 10061)
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    TFS 1.3 Lottery System

    I got a problem with this script and i don't know why.. --[[ ACCOUNT_TYPE_NORMAL = 1, ACCOUNT_TYPE_TUTOR = 2, ACCOUNT_TYPE_SENIORTUTOR = 3, ACCOUNT_TYPE_GAMEMASTER = 4, ACCOUNT_TYPE_GOD = 5 ]] local config = { interval = "1 minute", rewards = {[2160] = 3}, --...
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    RevScripts Experience lock for killing the same player after 5 times.

    I would like a script for retro hardcore pvp like rl, where you don't get experience for killing a player after the fifth time.
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    Bug PUSH on TARGET OTX 3.7 TFS 1.3

    @MartyX Pero no me funciona, me podrías ayudar? sigue sin empujar cuando el player está atacando
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    Bug PUSH on TARGET OTX 3.7 TFS 1.3

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    Scripter Skull system TFS 1.3 (Revscript/C++)

    Are you scripter for this job? @Klonera
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    Bounac 12.40

    How i can add to my server?
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    [Znote AAC] Most powerful guilds (TFS 0.3/4 and 1.0)

    it's working fine in TFS 1.3?
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    Lua [TFS 1.3][HELP] - Frag Reward

    I want to make a Server War with the classic script for war: "reward for killing players", but in my sever console, there's not error and the gameserver there's not rewardfrag... How to fix it? function onKill(cid, target, lastHit) local attackPlayer = Player(target) local reward = {...
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    [HELP] Frag Reward [TFS 1.2]!

    I need the frag reward lua for tfs 1.2! thanks you
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    Skull System for TFS 1.3!

    I want to put the skull system on a war server, but I do not know how :/ someone who could help me?
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    (HELP!) Grand Master Oberon

    It's like Annihilator Quest, but, doesn't need player limit, required level or key. It's only the for 1 or 5 players.