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Eduardo170's best answers

  1. Eduardo170

    Solved Poi fast door dissapearing/exploding bug. What could happen?

    try this function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) for i = 10274, 10280 do if getPlayerStorageValue(cid, i) > 0 then return doTransformItem(item.uid, 1224) and doTeleportThing(cid, toPosition, true) end end return...
  2. Eduardo170

    C++ Protection zone = no conditions

    player.cpp Replace if(getZone() == ZONE_PROTECTION) { icons |= ICON_PROTECTIONZONE; // Don't show ICON_SWORDS if player is in protection zone. if(hasBitSet(ICON_SWORDS, icons)) icons &= ~ICON_SWORDS; } for this if(getZone() == ZONE_PROTECTION) icons |=...
  3. Eduardo170

    C++ Nekiro's 8.6 .exe with faster diagonal steps

    I compiled x64 bits with latest updates in data packs, you need update your datapack.