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  1. Elgenady

    [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.4

    cast system with Ubuntu 20 crash server, when player use /cast on and someone enter cast and leave server get crash.. and magiclevel don't go up :S
  2. Elgenady

    Programmer Small Jobs for 0.4

  3. Elgenady

    [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.4

    ur new edit don't work on ubuntu 18 and when back to compile old source game don't open anymore idk why lol :S and when compile ur new source edit by old commands lik sh autogen.sh && ./configure --enable-server-diag --enable-mysql --enable-debug-symbols && make compile done and game open but...
  4. Elgenady

    dodge attribute

    give me link to your source,to see if i can help you or no because idk anything about otx
  5. Elgenady

    Programmer source help

    What source you use?
  6. Elgenady

    Morshabaal sprite

    8.60 https://www.mediafire.com/file/a8xgfj9ihcl7bqk/morshbaal_1268.obd/file just press import and choose this file from your pc
  7. Elgenady

    C++ Teleport player (death) to temple without logout TFS 0.4 or otx 2.9

    in player.cpp in bool Player::eek:nDeath() after if(!Creature::onDeath()) { if(preventDrop) setDropLoot(LOOT_DROP_FULL); return false; } add std::string value; getStorage(xxxx, value); check = (int32_t)(atoi(value.c_str())); if(check >=1) {...
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    8.6 from scratch and have few questions

    how I can connect with you I can't send a message to you
  9. Elgenady

    8.6 from scratch and have few questions

    but that all in limit 65k of sprites and when break this limit you need .dll and elfbott don't work with .dll and with max outfit 25 outfit but you can open this limit
  10. Elgenady

    possible to add Tibia coins via a command

    local tibiaCoins = TalkAction("/tc") function tibiaCoins.onSay(player, words, param) if not player:getGroup():getAccess() or player:getAccountType() < ACCOUNT_TYPE_GOD then return true end local usage = "/tc PLAYER NAME,TC AMOUNT" if param == "" then...
  11. Elgenady

    sword & axe Distance Effect

    distance affect its support for wand and distance weapons only to do it with melee weapons you need. first-way source edit the second way you can use script Lua for this weapon.
  12. Elgenady

    Lua Outfits

    he can make normal outfit windows check from 1 to 25 and then add storage check if 1 source will ignore first 25 outfit id and outfit windows will check outfit id from 25 to 50 and if 2 checks from 50 to 75 and and and so every +1 storage source will check 25 outfits to not crash the client...
  13. Elgenady

    New: What song are you listening to thread

    it's not a song this is Quran but that what I listen to now
  14. Elgenady

    -=| TFS |=- 0.4 8.60 AOL INFINITE

    function onPrepareDeath(cid,deathList) if (isPlayer(cid) and getCreatureSkullType(cid) <=5) then if isInArray({7890, 11387}, getPlayerSlotItem(cid, CONST_SLOT_NECKLACE).itemid) then doCreatureSetDropLoot(cid, false) doPlayerSetLossPercent(cid,experience, 0) doPlayerSetLossSkill(cid...
  15. Elgenady

    Lua Outfits

    what source do you use?