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    My life thread start now!

    Wow.. Nice mount buddy!
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    Tedeef Life on Shadowcores!

    Congratulations. Good luck buddy!
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    Idea for characters list like RL Tibia.

    Great idea! :)
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    [France] Qumora | Custom-Evo | 8.6 | Free points | Unique Events | Opening 28/2 18:00 CET

    Nice ot, the only bad thing is that there are so much polaks and all 800+ so its hard to lvl because they are always killing you :s
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    In service of yalahar quest..

    Yes, i killed all boss.
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    [Switzerland] Ascalon | 8.7 based | custom MID-EXP RPG with unique gameplay

    Best OT ever! Lets pass Shadowcores record! (? >.<
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    In service of yalahar quest..

    Well i started playing again with my sorcerer (i didnt use it like 3 or 4 months) so i decided to continue with yalahar quest (i was in mission 7 the one of the quaras). I went to Maritima said "quara" and when i came back to the npc's i still cant proceed with the quest, so i went kill the...
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    Well i have bought a house for 2 gps (? xD and now i want to know if i have to pay every month.. do i have to pay every month? if yes.. how much?
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    Terroritas LifeThread

    So why dont you buy or loot a melee weapon? With a melee weapon u'll not hit him + u'll have more def.. (It's just an idea i think this could help you)
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    Terroritas LifeThread

    Gratz! Keep going man..! But just a little question.. (? Why are you attacking your blocker on some pics? >.<
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    Cast On ShadowCores !Check IT !

    Well LOT of ppl had said this of having somefing like "TibiaCast" on the Ot. I just don't they will put it.. But ye for me it's a great idea.. :)
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    My Rares on shadowcores :)

    Looks nice... Gratz for the items. Gogo be the first level 400 (? Good luck :)
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    Headshot Master(ED) Lifethread gogo 300+

    Good luck with the thread..!
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    Aka Puppets

    men if u dont like it just dont comment ._. why dont u do a video?