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    Any good War ots now?

    Hey, Empira.io has been online and stable for the past few months, but still in beta (not launched, still under development). The website/IP is empira.io As a general overview Log in with 1/1, or create an account at empira.io 10.98 server with vocation balancing geared towards large...
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    [TEST SERVER] [WAR] Empira.io 10.98

    Hi all, we're streaming here if anyone would like to take a look Feedback is always welcome, and feel free to join in with 1/1
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    [TEST SERVER] [WAR] Empira.io 10.98

    Haha, good catch.
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    [TEST SERVER] [WAR] Empira.io 10.98

    Empira.io is looking for testers to trial an early developmental release of a brand new 'battle arena' style war server. We have created a completely equal war server like no other: we want you to log into game and compete in dynamic wars at any time of the day, putting the fun back into PvP...
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    Tibianus.org - discussion thread - DATE RELEASED!

    Do you have to buy prem to get prem spells and boats and stuff? If so, €3 a week seems a bit expensive
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    Feedback of the Updates

    Then do it and stop complaining.
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    [Poll] Suggested changes

    I don't really see the point to be honest. People will be loosing about 50 to 100 levels, that will not make much of a difference in wars. Give it 6 months and people will gain back them levels and we will be in the same situation. I guess you need something more drastic to make a difference...
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    Ferumbras Loot

    lol you earn 6 quid an hour?
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    [Poll] Suggested changes

    Just kids wasting their time, it's obvious they're not gunna count 'em
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    Awesome ot man, lovin' it :] Guess im gunna have to hunt some demons for that panther mount huh? ;]
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    WTF IS THAT DOG!? na, im only joking... I love the dp walls idea, but maybe it shouldnt be used in the dp just in a hunting ground