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Recent content by esigma94

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    TFS 1.X+ Not sure how to handle nils on slotItems IFs

    You can do it also using loops. local slotsToCheck = {CONST_SLOT_HEAD, CONST_SLOT_ARMOR, CONST_SLOT_LEGS} local goldenItems = {2466, 2470, 2471} function countEquippedGoldenItems(player) local goldenItemsCount = 0 for slotId in ipairs(slotsToCheck) do local item =...
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    Lua TFS 1.3 Storage on use!

    A few things: check whether statue is not nil earlier. You use it at line 14th but ensure that it exists at line 23rd. try to assign storage value to some local variable instead of getting it all across the script multiple times (in this small script you execute getter of the same storage value...
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    How Simplify this code?

    Actually there's no need to make a loop here as you based your calculations on storage value. You use storage 55001 as multiplier value if it is between 1 and 10, otherwise you do not use it at all. Following code should do the job. If there will be some configuration with potentially...
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    [MODULE] Account/Character registration through the client.

    Keep being closed minded on that. Mobile games are just an example of how you can avoid making website registration. And it was an answer to your "not a single game does this for a reason". It wasn't attempt to make you mad. Chill... There are different games not only tibia. Also you should be...
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    [MODULE] Account/Character registration through the client.

    I think that account creation procedure is taken out of the client due to some reason, but not just because it is antipattern. Sometimes there is a launcher which allows you to create an account (and use it across owner's apps). Sometimes you can use external service to authenticate. Sometimes...
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    [MODULE] Account/Character registration through the client.

    What is the reason behind it?
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    TFS 1.X+ Adding game tiles to 1.4 (downgrade)

    https://github.com/nekiro/TFS-1.4-Downgrades/blob/8.60/src/protocolgame.cpp CTRL + F -> addbyte
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    Lua Lua error.

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    TFS 0.X [7.72] Autoloot MOD Issue

    <event type="kill" name="LootEventKIll" event="script"><![CDATA[ domodlib('Loot_func') function onKill(cid, target, lastHit) if isPlayer(cid) and getPlayerStorageValue(cid, info.Storages[1]) <= 0 and isMonster(target) and not isInArray(info.BlockMonsters, getCreatureName(target):lower())...
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    Compiling Request console with Reload function and server save

    If on linux you can send SIGHUP signal to reload everything: kill -SIGHUP pid https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/1a90a608f2af57c319f1f5b4f462fdce120e39db/src/signals.cpp#L164
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    Mac client for OTs?

    I think that 7.4 was the base.
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    Mac client for OTs?

    That's right, Cipsoft doesn't care if you face any issue with their mac client anyway, it should be playable. If you're looking for an OTS with mac support then you can try Medivia.
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    C++ storage code

    You got an answer to the topic. You CANNOT use string type variable as a key for storage. You have to use an INTEGER. So you can't use text, you have to use a number. You've got an example of how to use storage in C++ as well (kudos Sarah). Moreover, you continued the topic without any specific...
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    TFS 1.X+ gdb error crash

    Compile with debug symbols. It would be helpful ;)
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    C++ storage code

    So you have done something wrong. See here, the code provided by Sarah is working correctly. http://cpp.sh/3wrda