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    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    I don't understand why people are so upset of things. This forum has many resources people put in so other people can learn and build. Peonso has helped me and my friends with everything from general advice all the way to detailed game code. He has been more than patient with our terrible...
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    Cant use heal after using buff spell

    Thanks Stig! Glad someone who know how it works came, we were fumbling through our best ideas. If there was another spell in support group, is there a way to make it so the exhaust does not effect to it?
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    Cant use heal after using buff spell

    Would it be possible to test this? I am not sure if parameter can be used in such a way. function onCastSpell(cid, var) if CONDITION_PARAM_BUFF = true then doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_STATUS_SMALL, "You may not cast Buff again yet!") else return doCombat(cid, combat...
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    OTHire problem temple wrong position

    It does seems like this should work. Could you double check that the town id on the map is match townid in your phpmyadmin, and also double check the map coordinates and pos x y z in phpmyadmin are match. After that, could you look on the map and make sure that exact spot is not some odd tile...
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    Cant use heal after using buff spell

    Sorry for the poor explanation, and also still not sure if this is right. If I understand you, we agree that the 30000 exhaust is what is cause the issue, because when you try to cast heal, you are exhausted. So what I mean to say is, first lower the exhaust to 1000 as per normal. This will...
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    Cant use heal after using buff spell

    so could it be done, put the exhaust at normal 1000, but then, in the function onCastSpell, put an if statement that checks if there is a buff already in place, since your ticks count it down, and if it is in place, report "Sorry, cannot recast buff until it expires" or such sentence.
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    Cant use heal after using buff spell

    I am not sure, but could the 30000 exhaustion on the buff spell be related? Can you reduce it to 1000 to test and see if that is what is blocking the heal spell?
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    Solved solved

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    Othire 1.0 Premium days

    I had some issues of this also, I solved with having to do this: in creaturescripts.xml, I added: <event name="addPremium" type="login" script="freepremium.lua" /> Then, in the creaturescripts/scripts folder, put a lua called freepremium: function onLogin(cid) if...
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    othire npcs

    I have this one in place for test, it is every 8 minutes: In the globalevents folder, a lua called everyeightminutes: local shutdownAtServerSave = false local function serverSave() if shutdownAtServerSave then doSetGameState(GAME_STATE_CLOSED) doSaveServer(true)...
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    Peonso's stuff

    Looks great, especially pic 3 and 4!
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    [France] Voidcore 7.4 - Official Start on Friday - 12.01.18 - 18:00 CET

    I think you just proved our point very clearly. We did not quit for the death, we quit due to the lack of rule enforcement that allows cheating and skill less players like you play. We also don't play the good guy; we are just normal players who follow the rules. You killed someone for...
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    [France] Voidcore 7.4 - Official Start on Friday - 12.01.18 - 18:00 CET

    Thank you to Okke for hosting this server! Here is a list of all the issues we found, not meant as criticism, but as to help for fixing: The post box in drefia does not work The 5th key in the draconia tower quest is untakable, and the switches do not work for the level above that, and the...
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    [France] Voidcore 7.4 - Official Start on Friday - 12.01.18 - 18:00 CET

    I am not sure if you need to play anymore; you managed level 21. Isn't that your highest lvl ever? We are all very proud of you!
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    [France] Voidcore 7.4 - Official Start on Friday - 12.01.18 - 18:00 CET

    You are welcome of feedback. I am not good at pasting, but you said this: The rates and formulas haven't been modifed in a way that certain players would be able to have an advantage, I took care so that doesn't happen, everyone is basically under the same rule (be it formula or rate) and...