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    [USA] [9.1] Rookgaard Tales+ Online

    This looks very nice! I hope it goes well and there becomes a nice player base. Thank you for your work here and for before of putting up the information. Good luck!
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    7.1 quest system? Item spawn only once

    If I understand everything correct, I think you are putting what we have 2 systems of, 1 is just a "1 time a server" chest, and the other is a "percent to respawn type of prize. I am not sure if this will work for you, but this is what we use for 1 time per server chest: function onUse(cid...
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    were do i change the color of the healing text? the numbers is purple! want them green!

    I would likely guess the 19 is what is indicating the color of the text. I am not sure what type of engine you are using, but there are some numbers listed here: https://otland.net/threads/broadcasting-problem.219800/#post-2110363 Good luck!
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    [OTHire 7.72] Using 7.4 graphics

    Well I hope the link does help when it comes time to put it all together; also, I remember very much that first, I wanted just the sprites from 7.1 & 7.6, but after a few months I realized, I would need more for some custom items, and also just better options for mapping and such. So, I really...
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    How to play my own map?

    A few years ago I wanted to do the same, and I started with this video tutorial: VIDEO TUTORIAL: From nothing to a fully working OT server, website and shop system (https://otland.net/threads/video-tutorial-from-nothing-to-a-fully-working-ot-server-website-and-shop-system.166818/) It helped a...
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    [OTHire 7.72] Using 7.4 graphics

    I think you are trying to do what I did (with OTHire); eventually end up with a client that runs 7.1 (or in your case 7.4) graphics. Here is the location of the information to change items/editor and such: TwistedScorpio/OTHire (https://github.com/TwistedScorpio/OTHire/wiki/Adding-new-items)...
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    7.6 fishing, how to make worms work?

    Oh, sorry to hear it. Just to double check, did you make sure that the local fish water tiles (4608,4609, etc) are matching the item id correctly in your server? The "You cannot use this object" is what message you get if you try to use the fishing rod on land, so perhaps it is almost there?
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    7.6 fishing, how to make worms work?

    Would it be possible to try this script? Please note, you can "fish" (as in, make a water make a little circle) but you will not gain skills nor catch any fish unless you actually have worms in your backpack. You could modify this script to give a "no skill or fish without worms!" if that is a...
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    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    I don't understand why people are so upset of things. This forum has many resources people put in so other people can learn and build. Peonso has helped me and my friends with everything from general advice all the way to detailed game code. He has been more than patient with our terrible...
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    Cant use heal after using buff spell

    Thanks Stig! Glad someone who know how it works came, we were fumbling through our best ideas. If there was another spell in support group, is there a way to make it so the exhaust does not effect to it?
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    Cant use heal after using buff spell

    Would it be possible to test this? I am not sure if parameter can be used in such a way. function onCastSpell(cid, var) if CONDITION_PARAM_BUFF = true then doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_STATUS_SMALL, "You may not cast Buff again yet!") else return doCombat(cid, combat...
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    OTHire problem temple wrong position

    It does seems like this should work. Could you double check that the town id on the map is match townid in your phpmyadmin, and also double check the map coordinates and pos x y z in phpmyadmin are match. After that, could you look on the map and make sure that exact spot is not some odd tile...
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    Cant use heal after using buff spell

    Sorry for the poor explanation, and also still not sure if this is right. If I understand you, we agree that the 30000 exhaust is what is cause the issue, because when you try to cast heal, you are exhausted. So what I mean to say is, first lower the exhaust to 1000 as per normal. This will...
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    Cant use heal after using buff spell

    so could it be done, put the exhaust at normal 1000, but then, in the function onCastSpell, put an if statement that checks if there is a buff already in place, since your ticks count it down, and if it is in place, report "Sorry, cannot recast buff until it expires" or such sentence.
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    Cant use heal after using buff spell

    I am not sure, but could the 30000 exhaustion on the buff spell be related? Can you reduce it to 1000 to test and see if that is what is blocking the heal spell?