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    Solved items.otb and items.dat

    that's weird . but can i ask a simple question .. in item.otb u created 5 ids for 1 weapon ! can u check your console for duplicated id ? maybe 33525 is conflicted with Statue
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    Is there a way to make minimum skill levels? Tfs 0.4

    Try this beginner code local playerVoc = getPlayerVocation(cid) function doPlayerAddSkill(cid, skill, amount, round) if(skill == SKILL__LEVEL) then return doPlayerAddLevel(cid, amount, round) end -- Magic Level for All if(skill == SKILL__MAGLEVEL) then if...
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    Is there a way to make minimum skill levels? Tfs 0.4

    you mean all vocations got same skill level ? or what ?
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    VB to Lua

    so what about this Switchoffset = GetOEMDRO(1045) PipeD = GetOEMDRO(1046) BeamW = GetOEMDRO(1047) BeamH = GetOEMDRO(1048) PipeR = (PipeD/2) BeamR = (BeamH/2) ClearZ1 = (BeamR + 0.500) ClearZ2 = (PipeR + 0.500) rapidZdist = 5.592 rapidZBOX = (rapidZdist - BeamR) - 0.500...
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    VB to Lua

    that simple ?
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    VB to Lua

    is there anyway to convert VB to LUA ? for example how can i convert this code If IsOutputActive(OUTPUT2) Then DeActivateSignal(OUTPUT2) Else ActivateSignal(OUTPUT2) End If
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    How can remove skills Club, sword, axe from client

    i think u can remove them from source .. so they don't get any packet sent to client ! but to remove the bar itself , i think u can use OTClient then !
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    How to make the number of players open When the player enters a number of accounts Tell him the maximum 5 characters only

    do you mean .. account should hold 5 characters only ? like real tibia hold 35 characters ?
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    Teleport from x temple and back to x temple.

    dude to do this as i understand , the training tp should check player current city and tp him there ! so for example ! i'm in city 1 and my home city should be 1 so when i tp back from training .. script will check my home and tp there and if i gone city 2 my home should change auto to 2 .. !
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    Good Quality server RL V12?

    any pics ?
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    C++ How can i do this? wher should i look to remove a feature

    what do you mean with disabling backpack close ? explain more so we can help you
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    Mapping Problem

    that's happened because item id in item.otb at rme is different than item.otb at tfs server
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    Solved Vocation info

    hello otland .. in old tfs 0.4 there is vocation.lua file in libs folder that define vocations in new tfs -- if i need to create as many vocations will it work without add new vocations in somewhere else for example the known vocs are 4 with their prom.. i need to add many vocs and their...
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    Import Sprites Tibia 10.77

    i believe that object builder can do it ...
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    Crashes, bugs

    @Printer interested ? <3 @HalfAway wbu ? <3