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    Crashes, bugs

    @Printer interested ? <3 @HalfAway wbu ? <3
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    Who is older than me?

    hahaha made my day xD
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    OtLand XenForo 2 and forum changes

    wuut :o i'm amazed xD !
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    TFS 1.X+ Can open website but can't log in game

    that's why i'm amazed xD prob is uni saying i can't access ip nor address and i can open website easy :D
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    Making "FREE" GFX works

    Same dimension as otland In the middle ConquererOT under it Come & Prove The Power ! Background something like conquering kingdoms or wars , etc Png
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    TFS 1.X+ Can open website but can't log in game

    Hello i use windows server 2016 every thing is good and i can access website and create account from normal pc but can't log in game :o also opened ports in firewall inbound TCP/UDP 7171 , 7172 but uni server still saying that my server isn't accessible :o
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    Level for Talk

    @OFFTOPIC @Xikini best statues ever xD
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    Level for Talk

    woops i mean >= 200 xD srry
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    Level for Talk

    maybe try this if (getPlayerStorageValue(cid, PRESENT_STORAGE) < 1 and getPlayerLevel(cid) < 200)
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    [0.3.6] TFS magical damage max hp/mp potion

    it's possible .. try to play around this script Lua - Amulet of Experience Stage
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    Trying to make a spider

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    [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8

    this datapack is outdated dude ! try tfs 0.4 better or even move to the new tfs
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    Local connection not working.

    I think it should be in support section :D I remember u can log to your server using ur pc ip or but people use ur static ip u got from
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    Compiling Items otb. newer version required

    that's mean u didn't create MySQL password dude :D it's your problem .. about your proplem do u know which source u got ?
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    WIN 10

    to disable windows 10 update part 1 open Run ( Win+R) and type gpedit.msc Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update .. Configure auto update = disable auto update detection = disable allow auto update = disable recommended update = disable part 2 open TaskManager ( Win+X)...