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    The Forgotten Server (pre 0.2)

    RE: The Forgotten Server yea nice server Pwns :)
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    Which of this Citys is the best one?

    well depend On ur lvl , Vocation If ur low lvl better start if ur premmy At Liberty BAy oR if ur Not premmy At Venore , like carlin is a pk City so its more harder everything depend on every Server and char
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    Does POI Exist?

    RE: Poi has exist ? yea i did Poi but not compleated Cuzz our team Was Kind OF noob And Got Thieft by Knight Malo He steal us 100k every person and we was about 45 ppl so he gain 4.5 Million -.- it pissed me off
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    What was your highest level before you quit?

    well First Time I Quit i was about Lvl 42 and Got Power Abused and Kiilled Until i get 37 After that i got hacked -.- And lost mY char Now im lvl 56 In trimera ( Btw I got many Char Now cuzz I play tibia 5 years ago)
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    Best Exprate

    For a good Rpg Is 3-4-5 If You Want to Keep it A While :) But If Just for fun 15-20
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    What games do you like?

    I preffer Shooter Like My Favorit Game F.E.A.R But I Love Also Resident Evils , Final Fantasy is hard to Tell Ya my favorit.
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    Oblivion [PS3]

    I played On Ps3 , Pc Well At Pc I Dint PLayed Much and Ps3 is my Cozin Ps3 So I Dint Looked So Much his cHaracter But I Like This GAme is So Huge And I Love Find Secret Quest XD
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    Final Fantasy

    My Favorit Is Final Fantasy x To The ps2 It owns ;) and i played to The 7 On the PS i think IM not sure if its that One .
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    Latest Forgotten source compilation error

    yea It Happen almost Same Thing To me i Dint Found Out How to fix It :S HOpe Somonels Will Help us