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    [USA][12.64/10.00/OTC-Android/RL-Map] Tibiana-Global

    Reset finished, can now create new accounts
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    [USA][12.64/10.00/OTC-Android/RL-Map] Tibiana-Global

    Zombie Raids all october, with token drops that can exchange for items. October 31 The Mutated Pumpkin Comes!!
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    [USA][12.64/10.00/OTC-Android/RL-Map] Tibiana-Global

    Sunday October 3rd, 2021 - 9 PM CST -The seals on Ferumbras' old citadel are glowing. Prepare for HIS return, mortals.-
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    [USA][12.64/10.00/OTC-Android/RL-Map] Tibiana-Global

    ==Sunday September 26, 2021 All Day Loot x5, Have Fun!!==
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    [USA][12.64/10.00/OTC-Android/RL-Map] Tibiana-Global

    Tibiana-Global [12.64] [Client 10] [Android] [OTClient] TIBIA 12.64 SERVER Tibiana - Latestnews (https://tibiana-global.com/) RETRO PVP ENFORCED Client 12.64 Client 10 Client Android! OTClient CONSTANTS UPDATES! New Items New Spells (12.64) New Mounts New Outfits Quivers Strong mana...
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    Para los que fueron usuarios de otfusión o eotfans o OTSH

    Abundisz cuanto tiempo, esas tortas siguen pendientes
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    ------------------------ ------------------- - Tibiana-Global [12.60] [Client 10] [Android] [OTClient Bot] TIBIA 12.60 SERVER website: Latest News - Tibiana (https://tibiana-global.com/) Tibia RL Map - RETRO PVP ENFORCED Client 12.60 Client 10 Client Android! OTClient...