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    TFS 1.X+ task npc categories

    how would you add the storage into the lib storage table, local storage = 62003 like what should it say to actually work thanks
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    Lua boss rooms tfs 1.3

    i have a few boss rooms that arnt clearing the room before the next people enter! if they die and some one else comes in the first boss stays making two bosses ! or if they stay in the boss room when someone else enters its letting the first person stay indefinetly! this is an example of one...
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    look for npcs that sell look types / scar boss files tfs 1.3

    hey hey how would i go about making an npc that sells look type outfits, like example oberon trade in 1000 spatial warp almanacs and you get to look like oberon ! and to change your outfit you say something like !Oberon ... something like that i also am missing the dream courts boss legit...
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    OTClient adding imbuements on tfs 1.3

    in a perfect world, if i wanted to add imbuements to any gear what all files should i have to look into ? items.xml, weapons xml, imbuements.lua? it doesnt work with just those three! am i missing something? thank you for any help
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    Action TFS 1.X Water, Lava, Swamp fishing + bowlable monsters

    im not tossing any errors any more but i cant get the monsters to release from the fishing bowl? and the mysql file stopped saying errors but it doesnt announce on the server that i caught any thing? thats not really an issue or concern i just wanna be able to relase the monster any idea on...
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    having issues with this bowled fishing script tfs 1.3

    it lets me fish up the monster it lets me bowl the monster the bowl has the name of the correct monster no errors but it wont let me unbowl the monster! any ideas or help would be much appreciated thank you local catchable_monsters = { [1] = {name = "Sheep", aid = 15500}, [2] = {name...
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    having issues with custom fishing script on tfs 1.3

    that was in the orignal script and i hadnt got it to work yet on the other two so i havnt started adding any other monsters should i add a real monster there and see if it fixes it?
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    having issues with custom fishing script on tfs 1.3

    did the fishing bowl lua not load? or which file are you wanting to see?
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    having issues with custom fishing script on tfs 1.3

    lol thank you alpha
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    having issues with custom fishing script on tfs 1.3

    working thru this link Action - TFS 1.X Water, Lava, Swamp fishing + bowlable monsters this is the fishingbowl lua with the monsters im messing around with just to make it work and the error im recieving is this if anyone has any ideas or helpful solutions they would be appreciated!
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    Action TFS 1.X Water, Lava, Swamp fishing + bowlable monsters

    i keep getting this error and cant get your mysql function addPlayerCatch(playerId, name, amount) db.query("INSERT INTO fishing_catchs (player_id, name, amount) VALUES ("..playerId..", \""..name.."\", 1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE amount = amount + "..amount..";") end to run it keeps...
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    Lua need help adding a chance rate to this if its possible! tfs 1.3

    changing around the unrealistic dream item to make it do what i need if at all possible! can some one show me or make me a lua with this that adds a chance rate of getting said item so i can make some more rare than others? or is there a better approach to something like this?
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    looking for a gambling npc script for tfs 1.3

    thank you sir! this is a start for sure!
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    looking for a gambling npc script for tfs 1.3

    looking for a script where i can adjust the items and chance rate , would like them to either be able to spend tc to gamble or to use an item , not in game gold , ( this is a request by the players) example they buy a hero scroll from shop with tc then go to the npc an pay the scroll for a luck...
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    looking to talk to / ask for help on a few custom scripts!

    @Loney which folder should that chest lua go in once I change the item ids?