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  1. Fred =D

    Basic LUA template for state driven scripts

    Hi, thank you for the script. I was just wandering, how can I choose an id that will not conflict with another value on the data base?
  2. Fred =D

    OTServBR-Global 12x

    Yeah, I just did it. I asked on the channel pt because I am from Brazil too!
  3. Fred =D

    OTServBR-Global 12x

    Oh, I thought it would be a silly thing! =p I did what you said but then I started having other issues so I did a fresh compile (using your sources for C++) and am having some issues any. Just saw you have a discord group so I will ask there. Thanks for the help!
  4. Fred =D

    OTServBR-Global 12x

    Thank you Eduardo, it seems a promising project. I am still new in the OTworld, so I am sorry if my question is a bit silly. After compiling the last sources for TFS, editing the config.lua and setting up the database, my server starts loading but after 'Loading map' the script simply breaks...
  5. Fred =D

    [10.98] Requested Real Map Datapack

    Hi Klonera, thank you for the map & datapack. I was trying to load it in the server but have an error 'scripts/lua' folder missing... I managed to get the server on by just coping TFS scripts/lua folder but am having tons of errors (because some globals are missing). Do you think you could...