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  1. Gesior.pl

    Kompilacja TFS 1.0

    Wiem, że wszyscy lubią odgrzewane kotlety, ale do tego wątku prowadzi google, a nie ma odpowiedzi jak problem z 'segmentation fault' przy kompilacji naprawić. W TFS 1.x używane jest 'cotire' które powinno skrócić czas kompilacji, ale czasem (miałem to już na 2 dedykach) uniemożliwia kompilację...
  2. Gesior.pl

    [Gesior] Problem with paygol script

    Code updated to PHP 7: <?php /* Note:Before starting you have to create an account at http://www.paygol.com/register?affiliatecode=T8Y7-LK0M-NY0R-Y6O3 */ // check that the request comes from PayGol server if(!in_array($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], array('', ''...
  3. Gesior.pl

    C++ TFS 1.x compilation - long Linking time

    @slawkens Solved! :D Someone added flags to TFS project on dedic: -march=native -ggdb3 -Ofast -fstack-protector -fstack-protector-all -fno-var-tracking-assignments -flto - link-time optimizer
  4. Gesior.pl

    Compiling tfs 0.4

    This error is probably, because you copied code from some server that use 'int' storage keys (all servers except 0.4) and TFS 0.4 has 'string' storage keys. These functions should work: bool Player::tameMount(uint8_t mountId) { if(!Mounts::getInstance()->getMountById(mountId)) return...
  5. Gesior.pl

    When I create characters, they are all as female outfits on website..

    In case of Gesior 2012, it copies outfit from 'Sample ...' characters. Then it checks if new player 'sex == 0' (female) and change outfit ID to 136: gesior/Gesior2012 Acc. maker expects that 'Sample' characters are 'male' and has 'male outfit'.
  6. Gesior.pl

    AAC Gesior Not Add samples to DB:

    I think we fixed it on Skype/Discord. If you have similar problem, you should edit install.php, under (179 line): $SQL = Website::getDBHandle(); Add: Website::getDBHandle()->setPrintQueries(true); Then website will print all queries send to database during installation. It will also print all...
  7. Gesior.pl

    C++ Crash Party TFS 0.4 (8.60)

    I decided to release that bug in TFS 0.4 (and probably many other distros, not tested it on any other). YOU CAN INVITE YOURSELF TO PARTY! - WHEN YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF ANY PARTY! After reading gdb I found out that guy was invited to 24 parties: #5 0x000000000057eec4 in...
  8. Gesior.pl

    TFS 1.X+ Anty-Stack Runes - minCount, maxCount in Items.xml attribute?

    Did you modify these parts of code: They are responsible for 'trying' to stack runes. So if you blocked 'real stack' (addThing), but left 'is stack possbile' (queryDestination, queryAdd, queryMaxCount) it thinks it can stack item. In case of 'create rune function', you need to debug simple...
  9. Gesior.pl

    Compiling Compiling error tfs 0.3

    1. g++ -v You probably got version 5 of higher. TFS 0.3 was made in times of 4.8-4.9 2. in definitions.h line 160 replace: #define OTSERV_HASH_SET std::tr1::unordered_set with: #define OTSERV_HASH_SET std::unordered_set In old g++ version (0.3 has 8 years?), it was in 'std::tr1' namespace (as...
  10. Gesior.pl

    Linux htop / perf top command for check cpu usage

    TFS is multithread application. On linux threads are counted as processes. TFS - which run 4 processes (for one server) - is using 78.5% of power of 1 CPU core. Process with lowest PID is 'parent' of 3 'child processes' and htop shows all 4 processes CPU usage as CPU usage of this process. top...
  11. Gesior.pl

    TFS 1.X+ condition:getEndTime() how to use?

    local condition = Condition(CONDITION_MUTED) condition:setTicks(1000 * 60) function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) local playerCondition = player:getCondition(CONDITION_MUTED) if playerCondition then return print(playerCondition:getEndTime())...
  12. Gesior.pl

    TFS 0.X Crash

    @pepsiman If it's only there, it should fix that bug. There is also other possibility: Some movement LUA script remove 'fire field' in 'onAdd' event. Other interesting thing: creature is 0x0 which means NULL Rest of 'MagicField::onStepInField(Creature* creature)' code ( mattyx14/otxserver )...
  13. Gesior.pl

    TFS 1.X+ A big table can lag the server?

    @pepsiman For LUA I would calculate like this: - each number [big, small, decimal, floating] - 8 bytes [64bit architecture] - each string - number of letters + 8 bytes [to store length] - each table - 8 bytes [to store number of child elements] - 'objects' are just tables with some key-value...
  14. Gesior.pl

    TFS 1.X+ Optimize RAM

    In 2018: Get better dedic. Script that consume too much RAM? Scripts with memory leak. In many cases it's better to leave small memory leak in LUA to reduce CPU usage. Example: Some temporary table with NPC state. local function creatureSayCallback(cid, type, msg) if not...
  15. Gesior.pl

    AAC can't load house data tfs 0.4 3884

    It's phpmyadmin visualisation of data. It probably means that BLOB has size 0 bytes and it's not NULL. You can always assign it with: UPDATE `HERE_NAME_OF_TABLE` SET `data` = 'HERE BYTES' WHERE `id` = 837 You can also click Edit on this row in phpmyadmin it use old editor script (not new...
  16. Gesior.pl

    C++ Crash Server

    Try: C++ - Crash Party TFS 0.4 (8.60) It was fixed in OTX on 28 June. OTX 2 fix: Party self-invite crash bug fix (#376) · mattyx14/[email protected] OTX 3 fix: Party self-invite crash bug fix (#377) · mattyx14/[email protected]
  17. Gesior.pl

    Reload sprites after re-log

    To make talkaction you need LUA function from TFS 1.1: itemType:getClientId() otland/forgottenserver With new LUA function you can add talkaction (it's for TFS 1.0): function onSay(cid, words, param) local player = Player(cid) if not player:getGroup():getAccess() then return...
  18. Gesior.pl

    TFS 0.X monsters give levels, not experience ,its possible?

    When hunt without Party: otland/tfs-old-svn When hunt with Party: otland/tfs-old-svn From these 2 places in creature.cpp you must remove code that shows exp (marked yellow on Github). Then you must add in player.cpp: int16_t color = g_config.getNumber(ConfigManager::EXPERIENCE_COLOR)...
  19. Gesior.pl

    Solved Cannot save ItemsList. Player ID not set.

    'premdays' has default value 0 in TFS. There is a big change in MySQL 5.7. Before you could set value of integer to 'NULL' or '' (empty string) and old MySQL did convert it to 0. New MySQL versions require integer to be integer. If it says 'account has been created', there must be 'INSERT..'...
  20. Gesior.pl

    OTClient Unlock full map

    It's easy: 1. Login to your server on any character. 2. Put server files: data/items/items.otb data/world/(all files) In folder data of OTClient. It will look like this: Then in OTClient open Terminal (CTRL+T) and type: g_things.loadOtb('items.otb') Then (replace 'ots' with your map name)...