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    [France] [Custom / 8.0] Kasteria | ELOTH TEAM | 1200 PLAYERS BEATED | 9 JULY AT 18:00

    We got new client, based on OTClient. Already tested on brazilian editon of Kasteria.

    Complaint Pangeria - deleted thread and banned user, why?

    Again.. old thread is closed. He CHANGED NICK, not used few accounts to advertise. All his answers in thread Pangeria WERE FROM ACCOUNT PANGERIA. No answers from GOD Wille. If you want to ban everyone who change nick by creating new account, please ban me (I got second otland account PhoOwned)...

    Complaint Pangeria - deleted thread and banned user, why?

    My friend called me, that someone (probably @Red ) banned his user Pangeria and deleted thread with discussion about server without any reason. Thread: This thread had over 40 answers week ago...

    Another OT Item editor (otb, dat, spr) in TypeScript

    UPDATE: 1. SPR saving works. 2. Made example with file picker. After loading .dat, .spr and .otb files you can type item ID and it shows it's image below: All changes you can check on github: gesior/open-tibia-library (

    Another OT Item editor (otb, dat, spr) in TypeScript

    I don't know, if there is any good documentation for that format. UPDATE: Saving OTB works. Tested on 8.54 and 10.98 items.otb, OTB version 2.7 and 3.0. gesior/open-tibia-library (

    TFS 1.X+ theforgottenserver items.otb

    I got 2 questions about items.otb 1. Who and with what program prepared that file (10.98 version)? 2. What are OTB attributes ItemTypeAttrSpriteHash (32), ItemTypeAttr07 (34), ItemTypeAttr08 (35)? These attributes are set in TFS items.otb, but I got no idea what they are. Server does not use...

    Another OT Item editor (otb, dat, spr) in TypeScript

    First version. Loads OTB, DAT and SPR. Saves DAT. Tested on 8.54 files: gesior/open-tibia-library ( Working on saving OTB and SPR now. Plans: some example with file picker (now it loads files from URL) load idle outfit animations from DAT file (now...

    Another OT Item editor (otb, dat, spr) in TypeScript

    I'm learning TypeScript (website frontend, extends JavaScript) and I wrote library that loads .otb, .dat and .spr files. It also saves .dat files. Is there anyone interested in writing some web browser based Item Editor? It all runs on client side, so user of website does not need to...

    DDoS still major problem? Protection? Tell your experience

    As administrator I had to handle enormous DDoS attacks. Highest DDoS speed reported by OVH DDoS protection was 800gb/s, but after filtering only 10mb/s want to my dedic. It was some stupid GRE or UDP flood. OVH blocked it after 1 minute and my server was back online in 15 minutes...

    Database design: Why is each skill level and tries listed in separate columns in the player table?

    No. OTSes were made by programmers. C++ programmers. Not 'database programmers'. Versioning and updating database schema (with procedures, triggers etc.) is hell when you compare it to C++ update. Tibia changes over years, OTS engine code must be flexible and easy to maintain. Also databases...

    items.xml sorter - by id/fromid

    Simple script to sort items.xml file by id/fromid attribute. It can be useful if you pasted some items from other items.xml file. It will also replace items with no attributes to short form. From: <item id="123" name="example"> </item> To: <item id="123" name="example" /> <?php $path_to_file =...

    A generic framework for programmatic modification of OTBM files

    My script for that library. Replaces items by ID to other item ID: const otbm2json = require("./otbm2json"); // FROM_ID: TO_ID let replaceArray = { 2195: 123, // replaces 2195 with 123 }; // from 836 to 850 replaces with 1036 to 1050 for (let i = 836; i <= 850; i++) { replaceArray[i] =...


    GameChangeMapAwareRange is required by 'smooth walking' as that new walking fake more steps without server confirmation. On normal OTC/Tibia client you can make 1 step when watching 'cast' [where walking is not possible], on this client you can make 2 steps and it requires to see more tiles.

    [suggestion] New Item Decay algorithm

    After today's commit it's possible to stop/start decaying from Lua. Now we can create Lua script to start/stop decay of depot when player walks on depot tile.

    [suggestion] New Item Decay algorithm

    I found out that new algorithm does not care about item attributes ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_DURATION and ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_DECAY_TIMESTAMP. They cannot be modified when item is decaying. I made changes in Lua to block access to these attributes and added new functions: item:getDurationLeft()...