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    error running otbr tfs

    Did you compile server on that VPS or copied compiled 'otbr' binary file from other machine?
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    AAC Gesior 2012 - Vocation WhoIsOnline

    What TFS is it? 0.4? Check what is in these lines in your Gesior2012 in system/load.compat.php. For 0.3.6. and 0.4 there should be promotion and baseId vocation: https://github.com/gesior/Gesior2012/blob/TFS-0.3.6_and_0.4_to_rev_3703/system/load.compat.php#L56-L60 For TFS 1.x+ there should be...
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    TFS 0.X Server save - Wich resource increase?

    SSD / NVMe disc, not some 'network disc' like in most 'clouds'. Buy some VPSes in Contabo / OVH.
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    Looking for what kind of VPS to buy

    Top 'gaming dedic'. OTS runs mostly on single core of CPU, so you need CPU with fastest single core speed (often high 'GHz' - gaming CPU for desktops). There are 'game' offers in OVH (USA/europe) and Hetzner (only europe), which have gaming CPUs: Full Game Server range...
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    Looking for what kind of VPS to buy

    It's slower than Contabo. For test server with 10-20 online, I would use Contabo. For RL map server with 50-100 online, I would use OVH as their resources are closer to 'guaranteed' values, not 'optimistic' (hoping nobody else will use it).
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    Looking for what kind of VPS to buy

    OVH VPS - realistic price for offered hardware. You can run it 100% all time and there won't be any problems. Contabo - high CPU overbooking. I did test their VPS and it's same machine as in their 'dedic' offer. Which means, that after splitting it into soooo many VPSes (that dedic has 256 GB...
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    RevScripts Putty TFS

    'screen' limits number of lines stored. There are 2 ways: 1) run without screen - only for development, if you close Putty server may go offline (or it stays online, but you got no access to console anymore) 2) run server on screen, but save console output to file: ./tfs | tee -a console.log...
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    [C++/Linux] Compiling old engine (sources) on Debian 10 / Ubuntu 20.04

    What is a problem? Author of that 'fix' did not describe what was a problem.
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    Tibia Download Older, Official Clients

    jo3bingham / otservlist / my private copy of clients as .exe and .zip: https://ots.me/downloads/?dir=data/tibia-clients/windows/ There are also spr+dat archives for OTClient: https://ots.me/downloads/?dir=data/tibia-clients/dat_and_spr Hosts (rapidshare/google etc.) change or disappear over...
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    It's otservbr. Everything there is bugged. Are there any reports in lua_slow.log or lua_very_slow.log? There is added 'fast reaction' in otservbr: https://github.com/opentibiabr/otservbr-global/blob/main/src/creatures/creature.cpp#L594 but somehow it does not consume much CPU: 3064...
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    TFS version? Default TFS monsters use low cpu and react very slow. If someone 'fixed' it for you (using THIS fix: Solved - Weird monster behaviour in TFS 1.1? (https://otland.net/threads/weird-monster-behaviour-in-tfs-1-1.228021/#post-2200365) ), monsters may use 10% of CPU with 1 player...
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    Have problem with player.lua and login.lua interfering with eachother.

    player:getPremiumEndsAt() is defined in C++ in some '1.3' version (between 1.2 and 1.4): https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/master/src/luascript.cpp#L2489 It requires database structure changes. Full changelog...
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    RevScripts leavehouse

    It may count doors and windows. 'state' of these items is saved in database as they may be open/closed, so they are treated as house items.
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    Error misleading indentation in Linux

    Your problem may be hidden by otland code formatter. Aren't there 'tabs' used for some part of code and '4 spaces' for other lines? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50318900/why-is-gcc-warning-me-this-line-is-misleadingly-indented-as-if-it-were-guarded
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    OTClient [TFS 0.3.6] OTClient getting Ping

    Do you use OTCv8? There is official commit (for TFS 1.x+) to add 'better ping' to server: https://github.com/OTCv8/forgottenserver/commit/25fbc0954ac13b6be573e5b9893520574323429a You will also need to enable that 'feature' in client. It should be configurable somewhere in client Lua.