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GhostWD's best answers

  1. GhostWD

    Fast Attack Skill TFS 0.4

    So with otclient i have added libs dir lib32-msvc-14.0 not only boost_1_63_0 folder with fast attack skill i used this: uint32_t Player::getAttackSpeed() const { return (((weapon && weapon->getAttackSpeed() != 0) ? weapon->getAttackSpeed() : (vocation->getAttackSpeed() / std::max((size_t)1...
  2. GhostWD

    C++ How to make monster attack only player with storage

    *BuMp* [email protected] ok got it: TFS 0.4 BACKUP FILES BEFORE EDITING!! CHANGE isOpponent and monsterThink METHOD IN MONSTER.CPP TO : bool Monster::isOpponent(const Creature* creature) { std::string keyes = "8000"; std::string valueses = "1"; creature->getStorage(keyes, valueses)...
  3. GhostWD

    How to attach something to items (Like skills, health)

    That's devland with edited source... you can change your items attributes in items.xml check those ones which gives you hp or ki it would be something like addhealth healthtick or maybe in moveevents
  4. GhostWD

    Help with server Dragon Ball

    i think you cant use number in shootType attribute so you need to edit tools.cpp in tools.cpp go to: {"explosion", SHOOT_EFFECT_EXPLOSION}, and under it add: {"dragonball", your_effect_from_const.h}, to find effect which you need in const.h find shoot effect equal to 0x30 it...
  5. GhostWD

    What do I need to create a OTS from zero?

    scripts,right distro and time(and maybe some money if you want to make it run 24/7 on VPS for small project) :) VIDEO TUTORIAL: From nothing to a fully working OT server, website and shop system
  6. GhostWD

    Lua distance effect at position

    event.lua function onThink(interval, lastExecution) local position = {x=1000,y=998,z=7} local fromPos = { {x=999,y=998,z=7}, {x=1001,y=998,z=7}, {x=999,y=999,z=7}, {x=1000,y=999,z=7}, {x=1001,y=999,z=7}, {x=999,y=997,z=7}...