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    RevScripts new vocation bug

    I have not edited anything in the sources, heck I did not think I had this curious problem, my server will stop until a hero helps me know what to do.
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    RevScripts new vocation bug

    remains the same, won't it be a sources problem?
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    RevScripts new vocation bug

    I tried the script, and the same thing happens, it gives me the vocation and when disconnecting and connecting, the .exe closes without error
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    RevScripts new vocation bug

    local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) function onCreatureAppear(cid) npcHandler:onCreatureAppear(cid) end function onCreatureDisappear(cid)...
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    RevScripts new vocation bug

    hello people, I have a very rare error, I created an npc that grants a new vocation and it works, but when I log out and then log in, it does not enter the character and the .exe closes without showing any error. i use otbr global 12.64 1.3 revscript Anyone know about this bug? please help
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    TFS 1.X+ Login email

    me too wanna change this
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    client 12.51 rsa

    Good morning Otland community, I need help from this great forum. I returned to the otservers after 4 months and I wanted to update the client 12.51 since on my server I used 12.00 but I am having problems I get the following error when wanting to enter with a character i am using this znote...
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    [ProtocolGame::onRecvFirstMessage] RSA Decrypt Failed

    i have this problem too but i use otx 4
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    AAC Login in otx 4

    If I saw the new login and installed it but it did not work, today I installed all the uniform servers and znote and everything is fine, thank you very much, I was in a panic but next time I will have patience hehe. 👍👍👍👍
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    AAC Login in otx 4

    Can anyone help me know what I am doing wrong? I am using OTX 4 with znote 1.5 / client 12.00.7695 with login.php that includes znote and does not allow me to enter my list of characters to enter the server, it shows me this message: This same client that I edit with my global ip worked...
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    Compiling 57 errors tfs 1.3 of github

    Well, I had compiled before but another server from another forum and at the first time I managed to compile it, but with theforgottenserver from the original github, I am having many errors, according to I do everything well but when compiling with vs2019 it gives me many errors, I need help...
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    [TFS 1.3] Item Abilities via Lua V2

    one more question, and the steps to install these item abilities v2? I get a little lost on github. I know how to compile, don't worry, I just want to know what to add and that. 😁
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    [TFS 1.3] Item Abilities via Lua V2

    I saw a theme from a user using ITEM_ABILITY_ATTACKSPEED but I don't see that ability in this Enums list.
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    TFS 1.X+ House price tfs 1.3

    So the only one is editing sources? If so, I would like to know what changes I should make.