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    Compiling help TFS 1.3 vcpkg compile

    What exactly do you mean by "everything"? I'm getting this error now and I'm trying to re-run the steps, no success so far. Edit: what worked for me was replacing "#include <lua.hpp>" for "#include <luajit/lua.hpp>" in configmanager.cpp and luascript.h.
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    TFS 1.X+ Does CONDITION_PARAM_MANATICKS have a minimum value?

    Yea, I wouldn't change it. Potential bug creation. I'll leave it at 1 second. Thanks again, Vulcan
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    TFS 1.X+ Does CONDITION_PARAM_MANATICKS have a minimum value?

    Hello, I'm trying create a regen condition and set a tick value that is lower than 1000 ms. It is currently set at 10 ms, but the regen is still happening at 1000 ms: condition:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_MANATICKS, 10) Is 1000 ms the minimum value for the parameter? Thanks in advance.
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    Mysql.h Error when compiling TFS 1.3 only.

    Solved! vcpkg is not integrated into VS2017 · Issue #707 · Microsoft/vcpkg Thanks once again for your time, @Vulcan_ , I really appreciate it!
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    Mysql.h Error when compiling TFS 1.3 only.

    I installed those with no errors. I asked if there was a difference because I followed the forgotten server tutorial to install vcpkg, and not the Microsoft tutorial. Just to be clear - my vcpkg/installed/x64-windows folder contains everything I installed. But the Microsoft tutorial talks...
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    Mysql.h Error when compiling TFS 1.3 only.

    Is there a difference between the TFS tutorial (steps 2 + 4) and the vcpkg quick start tutorial? Do I need to perform the CMake steps in the vcpkg quick start tutorial? Because that is the only thing I didn't do so far (I'm at work right now, will be able to test it later). The best way to use...
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    Mysql.h Error when compiling TFS 1.3 only.

    Can you help me please? I've been trying to compile for hours now. I followed the installing steps and Visual Studio still can't find the headers/libraries. I've got this after using ".\vcpkg integrate install" (as admin): So, I thought it would work, but it isn't. Also, the field is...
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    Mysql.h Error when compiling TFS 1.3 only.

    Try adding a ./ in the beginning.
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    Magical Items for TFS 1.2/3

    Not sure if I understood this system 100% Example, can I set random stats for a Magic Plate Armor when it drops from monsters? Like, it would randomly roll +sword, or +club. If yes, can I use a random range for the bonus? Like, it would roll between +2 sword and +5 sword. Thanks in advance...
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    [Brazil] Fardos 10.95 - Auto Loot, War Realms, new content

    Now in test mode, so exp is really high.
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    Raspberry PI - can start Open Tibia Server?

    If anybody wants to check how the map I mentioned turned out and help testing it, it is running right now on test mode. Search for fardos in otservlist.
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    [10.77][TFS 1.2] ORTS, a real map project

    I modified a lot of this data pack, deleted map parts down to 39.7 Mb and I'm now running it on a Raspberry Pi 2 (1 Gb RAM). I know many people can't afford to run a global map because of the RAM demand, so, if you're interested, please help me test it... search for fardos in otservlist
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    Custom Global Map for less than 1 Gb RAM (Raspberry PI)

    Hello This is not meant to be an advertising thread. I am hosting a custom global map in a Raspberry PI 2 (has 1 Gb RAM). It is currently using around 600~700 Mb RAM. The thing is, I deleted more than half of the map and left most interesting areas. It currently weighs 39.7 Mb (full global map...
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    [10.95 + Cast] [TFS 1.2] Custom modifications V2

    I'm using this engine in my server Currently in test mode, so all rates are very high. The only important bug I have at the moment is the one with items disappearing when you are below a certain cap.
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    [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8

    Yes, this is an engine, and that map is for testing. You need to look for a data pack if you want complete maps.