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    Tools for making ots

    The new one TFS 1.X do not come with a account manage like alot of old servers does, so if you use that you should set the spawn position inside the AAC, yes. If you use an older engine and account manager (1/1) then this can be set inside config.lua.
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    TFS 0.X Mysql_real_query / lost connection, attempting to reconnect

    This will solve your problem until the next time you restart the server. WARNING: MYSQL Lost connection, attempting to reconnect...>> Running Database Manager ( This...
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    [REQUEST] Problem with Task-system TFS 1.2

    Yes, you can find almost the same file inside libs folder there aswell. I found this in datapack. [Lua] rankStorage = 3170 THEHORNEDFOX = {3501, 1} THEOLDWIDOW = {3502, 1} BLOODWE - ( Make sure its included in global.lua to load that...
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    [REQUEST] Problem with Task-system TFS 1.2

    I'm pretty sure you use EvoRPG by Zbizu, you are missing a function (attempt to call global sendTaskWIndow) a nil value (which means it does not exist. This is what I found in that datapack, inside lib folder there is a file called 020_task_lib.lua rankStorage = 32150 THESNAPPER = {80000, 1}...
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    Programmer OTC I pay well.

    Yes, but it would still be easier to get in-touch with people if you describe what you are looking for. Ex; I'm looking for someone who can create a new UI for OTC. Then people will know what you are looking for. Newly registered user, only 3 posts and you can't even write a thread with the...
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    Cursed experience

    Either allow everyone to bot all the time or block it completely, no middle thing.
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    TFS 1.X+ 1000 Id, unmovable

    In player.lua located in events. You could add something like this inside the Player:eek:nMoveItem function. if item.uniqueid == 1000 then self:sendCancelMessage('You cannot move this object.') return false end
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    Every time you login, open GAME CHAT.

    Inside a onLogin function in creaturescripts, add this function. Change channel_id to the channel id of Game Chat, this can be found inside chatchannels.xml. player:openChannel(channel_id)
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    TFS 1.X+ Best Tasker ?

    NPC - [TFS 1.1] Monster Tasks CreatureEvent - [TFS 1.2] Task System
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    AAC Znote ACC vs gesior acc

    I prefer ZnoteAAC, the code is cleaner than GesiorAAC, imo. Easy to convert layouts to ZnoteAAC aswell. In terms of security, both are "secure".
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    Thanatos - [Custom] - Discussion

    Hello followers, My name is Emil, living in Sweden, working as an automation technician. I've worked alone on Thanatos for a really long time, but some years ago I got in touch with @Jacobs which joined my team and progress was made alot faster. Now we managed to recruit three awesome dudes to...
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    Storywriter Thanatos is looking for a Storywriter

    Anyone interested?
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    OTClient 8.6 Wider screen

    Yes, use OTClient. [Tutorial] Adding more tiles to game window - Updated 7/6/2018 Help - Remove left and right panel
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    GHOSTX Spriting Showoff

    Good job my friend! :)
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    [USA][CUSTOM][7.6] OTChaos Return

    Change verification method on the register page.