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Recent content by HalfAway

  1. HalfAway

    [GitHub] OpenTibia 10.98, Raspberry Pi, Docker

    Nice project, Raspberry PI is a nice, got a few of them myself.
  2. HalfAway

    Gallery of Dreams by Weto

    Looking really good, sweet!
  3. HalfAway

    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    I remember Klantskalle and Spelgata, was fun servers back in the days. Pretty much all 7.5 servers was fun back then, it was simple and fun.
  4. HalfAway

    HalfAway's Server Setup/Management

    Still available, if someone needs help.
  5. HalfAway

    Looking for what kind of VPS to buy

    You can rent cheap dedicated-servers at Kimsufi https://www.kimsufi.com/en/servers.xml (OVH Hardware)
  6. HalfAway

    The Forgotten Server 1.4

    Good job!
  7. HalfAway

    How to... (Item Editor)

    Show us the plugin xml file containing information for client version 28.
  8. HalfAway

    Searching for Experienced Ot developer

    You can add me on Discord aswell. HalfAway#2193
  9. HalfAway

    [France][Custom] ArchlightOnline - New Season - Coming December 4th 2020

    I would remove the stars in the advertisement name, other than that, good luck with the new season!
  10. HalfAway

    [France] [8.6] AcidsOT

    Znote starts a server? Nice.
  11. HalfAway

    When making a server, don't forget what got you into Tibia

    Damn, I remember the times when playing a Yurots waaaaayback, was mad fun.
  12. HalfAway

    [Znote AAC] Dwarf Layout

    Should probably work, might have to change/add sub.php in layout folder and also add the folder called sub. https://github.com/Znote/ZnoteAAC/tree/master/layout/sub https://github.com/Znote/ZnoteAAC/blob/master/layout/sub.php Other than that, it should work just fine.
  13. HalfAway

    Download Practice server and map

    Find your router here, should not be hard to open the ports. https://portforward.com/router.htm