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  1. helviio

    Buttons SKILLS VIP

    i'm looking pretty much the same thing... xD
  2. helviio

    [ OTC ] Move Top Buttons

    how can i move these buttons on the top down the inventory? like creating a bar down the inventory
  3. helviio

    Remove Token Field

    modules -> client_entergame remove -> enterGame: getChildById ('accountTokenTextEdit'): clearText () in the same folder, open the entergame.otui file remove this MenuLabel !text: tr('Token') anchors.left: prev.left anchors.top: prev.bottom text-auto-resize: true...
  4. helviio

    [OTC] Character List

    The addons are coming out randomly, not how I define it... I don't understand how to pull it from the server Could someone give me a hand?
  5. helviio

    This new character list

    it's been 6 years and he still hasn't done the tutorial =/
  6. helviio

    [OTC] theme

    Could you tell me more or less where it is? because I didn't find = /
  7. helviio

    [OTC] theme

    there are no errors 1621805159 I restored module_inventory and it is like that without errors ... OTC : Otv8 :
  8. helviio

    [OTC] theme

    it was more or less what I did ... I'm just having a problem now in this in the inventory ... which is missing = / 99% already converted, only the inventory that doesn't open and I can't even make a button to show the inventory ...
  9. helviio

    [OTC] theme

    yes i already did it ... thanks a lot = D but I have another problem ... my inventory does not open ... and has no buttons ... and no errors on the console ... OTC : OTCv8
  10. helviio

    [OTC] theme

    Hello, I'm converting a theme I got from a friend of OtcV8 to OTC ... but I'm having a huge job to find that part ... I know it's in the styles folder and stuff ... but I've done everything the same in the window / mini-window / mini-map folders ...
  11. helviio

    OTClient [OTC] Lag when walking and using item

    yes already tested ... same thing ... but @Mehah's OTC has a lot more fps ... but it seems a bit laggy ... edubart's otc is much more fluid ... if it wasn't for that I would be using @Mehah which is more current 1621688018 Solved ... I received an email with the solution ... for those who have...
  12. helviio

    OTClient [OTC] Lag when walking and using item

    Hello dear friends ... I come through this publication to ask for help to solve a bug that I'm having with OTC, when clicking on the map and using any type of item the char starts to lag/stuttering... i tried with another server and others customers ... everyone with the same problem OTCv8 has...
  13. helviio

    C++ Addon/Outfit System | Nostalrius 7.7 TFS 1.2

    thank you very much @ralke and I'm sorry for my mistake ... I was almost giving up ... your explanation motivated me to continue, thank you very much for taking the time to create this explanation!