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Recent content by husamro

  1. husamro

    Massban 13.September

    Gogogog ban all hai lvl oe ded
  2. husamro

    BumpTop 3D Desktop.

    i got 2gb ram 1gb graphics card Nvidia GEFORCE 6200 LE and cpu intel pentuim r 3.40 ghz
  3. husamro

    [USA/SWE] WartornOT 8.50

    Yeah, And giving my ot bad reputation, Im running it at noobswar85.sytes.net With no lag even if 200 players.
  4. husamro

    3 mods

    Hello all, Im requesting a mod that boardcast a world like You have to say !aol to get aol every 200sec and after 100sec it boardcast XXXX(other one) and after 100sec it return to first one and then second one etc and second one that when player login it set his death lose ml very low so he...
  5. husamro

    GOD Book

    yeah hahaha /attr group 6 ---- End of Theard ----
  6. husamro

    [Sweden]Noobswar 850

  7. husamro

    [USA/SWE] WartornOT 8.50

    This ot are stolen by me, I will contact OTs-list admin and Otservlist to remove them and IPrange ban him
  8. husamro

    How fast do you type?

    Max was 399 and alaways is 370+
  9. husamro

    I can help with Script Not PVP :S PLEASE

    LOL.. Just change it on config LOL!
  10. husamro

    What ot do you play?

    ForgottenL.hopto.org Pwning some noobs with my old RL friend, now he traveled to nl and we open vent and pwn 20k's :D
  11. husamro

    Lets Count To A Million!

    <!--- End of Game --->
  12. husamro

    Crying Damson 0.3.5 Freezes when a player attacks a creature.

    Its only you , Maybe ram?Hmm
  13. husamro

    How addicted to tibia are u? ~!TEST IT HERE!~

    hahah why it was so hard???? i visit the forum about 20x per day
  14. husamro

    How do i get yakahari items?

    i know yalahari quest from rl tibia then buy a parcel and type Silentdefender Thais Icechaw