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  1. ianelli

    Antidote rune on Rookgaard

    There are many rare items on Rookgaard that sells high, like the ones people got abusing bugs on 2014. But what about the items that just aren't available anymore, like Antidote Runes on Rookgaard? How much one of these would be evaluated on these days? Do you have any rare item? Let's talk...
  2. ianelli

    Scripter Ramza's Scripting/Programming Services

    Just updated the post with a photo of that.
  3. ianelli

    Leshrot Graphics Gallery

    This guy is a living legend. Rumors says Tenacious D is in negotiation for a new movie just to praise Leshot abilities.
  4. ianelli

    Scripter Ramza's Scripting/Programming Services

    Ofc. But which one? The Pokemon's? :p $10 but no shipping due to biological restrictions of the pie. Oh gosh, sure! Thanks for the warning! :oops:
  5. ianelli

    Scripter Ramza's Scripting/Programming Services

    Thanks for the messages! I WONT be receiving more jobs until i finish all the jobs you people have asked me! Thank you <3 Hello, i am trying to get some money on the free time, so I decided to offer some of my jobs as scripter/programmer! Who am I? Name: Ricardo Ianelli, aka Ramza...
  6. ianelli

    Scripter Paperdoll System

    PM me.
  7. ianelli

    Programmer Looking for a Scripter (tfs 1.x) and Web Developer (Gesior)

    Still need scripter services?
  8. ianelli

    Programmer autoloot

    Hello, do you have discord? Lets talk about It.
  9. ianelli

    Okay so I'm new, where to start, tips and tricks?

    Hi, have you fixed it? I have the same issue.
  10. ianelli

    Error compiling (al.h)

    Thanks! But now i have another problem :(
  11. ianelli

    Error compiling (al.h)

    Hello! I've just formated my PC and reinstalled VS17 and the vcpkg. The installation of vcpkg finished like that: And when compilling i get this error: I've followed that link for compilling: edubart/otclient Does anybody know what to do? EDIT: Reinstalled everything with VS15 additionals...
  12. ianelli

    Collision System

    I've made that system long time ago, that works for TFS 0.3.6, to use it on newer servers you may have to change few things. I'll check that and update here later.
  13. ianelli

    New compiling method

    But can i compile on linux and create a .exe that people can use on windows? Thats what i'm trying to say.
  14. ianelli

    New compiling method

    But if you plan on creating a game, lot of people use windows, so they need a windows client...
  15. ianelli

    New compiling method

    Today, 04/11/2017, Edubart changed the otclient wiki on GitHub to that: But there are no tutorials so people can do it. Anybody knows how to do it?