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  1. Infernum

    Proof of concept of a new game engine

    is there a discord server (or could you make one) for this? could be nice to have more in-depth discussions and watch the development process looks interesting and promising imo either way, keep it up 👍
  2. Infernum

    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.3] How to do a Summon Use Specific Spell When the Player to Click in an Item?

  3. Infernum

    The Forgotten Server 1.4

    sweet fucking god 5 years, good shit
  4. Infernum

    TFS 1.X+ problem with items.xml

    not understanding that there's differences between engine versions & their respective data packs after 13 years of being on this forum is rather weird
  5. Infernum

    Spell [TFS 1.2/1.3] Unnamed spell (looks cool tho)

    should delete your server files if that's your voc/spellname
  6. Infernum

    Scamming by ezzz | Why he is allowed to sell ot resources openless?

    when will yall learn that none of this shit matters at this point just creates more drama for no reason
  7. Infernum

    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V3

    holy shit he has risen from the dead
  8. Infernum

    [TFS 1.3] Item Abilities via Lua V2

    post your compat.lua
  9. Infernum

    Updated TFS resources

    https://infernum.sh/tfs/luascript/ https://infernum.sh/tfs/enums/ will add caching later, pls dont abuse my site i am no security expert :(
  10. Infernum

    TFS 1.3 Functions List June/2021

    ah yeah i changed the directory because i wanted to sort of namespace it under /tfs/, i also made /tfs/enums/ as well as renamed luascript to /tfs/luascript/, i'll go ahead and post it in resources either way (i think u mean tools tab tho? idk)
  11. Infernum

    TFS 1.3 Functions List June/2021

    gonna post this here: luascript.cpp (https://infernum.sh/tfs/luascript pulls from master luascript.cpp & parses it, so it'll always be up to date
  12. Infernum

    Lua Solved! Table Variable references value from same table

    alternatively you can wrap it in a 'class' (or function to do this, if you don't need/want methods or metamethods for this as extra utility in the future) CustomSkill = setmetatable({}, { __call = function(self, obj) obj.triesToNextLevel = (((obj.level * 10) + (obj.level * 10)) /...
  13. Infernum

    Lua Solved! Table Variable references value from same table

    you'd have to call triesToNextLevel with the values from that table whenever you need that value
  14. Infernum

    Lua Solved! Table Variable references value from same table

    that works because the table is already created, but you add new keys to it manually so each line of code, it's able to access all the keys which are defined above that line of code