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  1. Jknot

    [7.7] RealOTS 7.7 Cipsoft files (virgin)

    any download and runs for this on windows?
  2. Jknot

    BlackD not working?

    anyone else having a problem downloading blackd links onthe website? im looking for blackd guardian and blackd light they are listed on the site but i get a 404 when i click the link
  3. Jknot

    Can Anyone Help With Broken Fields?

    Awesome Moustafa thank you guys so much
  4. Jknot

    Can Anyone Help With Broken Fields?

    thanks bro i can't beleive i missed that i have been busting my brain for a few days now lol thanks again very much 1609303853 hmm now i notice i can't cast another field on top of the existing one like if thre is a fire bomb there i cannot cast another one ontop of the other one think maybe u...
  5. Jknot

    Can Anyone Help With Broken Fields?

    so i've been trying to fix this for 3 days now and i have searched otland and found alot but nothing so far has been able to help me. none of my magic fields will dissapear i have check and im not using the static one's i also have added the decay to in items xml like this <item id="1492"...
  6. Jknot

    MySQL Error

    works perfect!! just run it in your sql quary in phpmyadmin data base. Thanks MOustafa
  7. Jknot

    How to stop my "Training Monk" from moving.

    tried this on 0.3.6 crying damson v8 2 and it works just fine as long as you edit the right monster file
  8. Jknot

    TFS 1.X+ Nostalrius bug attack

    Have you tried changing your attack interval in your monster.xml files? <attacks> <attack name="melee" interval="2000" min="-19" max="-20"/> this line
  9. Jknot

    TFS 0.X AttackSpeed attribute TFS 0.3

    did you get this working?
  10. Jknot

    Solved doCreateItem fire field not decay to

    what file does this go in the items.xml?
  11. Jknot

    Lua Stop Training Monks Moving

    hi guys running 0.3.6 crying damson v8 2 as the title says im having problems making my monks stay still things i have tried setting training monks speed to (0) and also (-1) are there any other things i could try?
  12. Jknot


    This looks awesome!! Definatly will give it a try
  13. Jknot

    Windows Znote Website cant create characters

    just seen this and am not sure but isn't there supposed to be a players tab where the red arrow is pointing? 1609170935 yeh im just a bit lost on all this stuff never dealt with website stuff befor :/ so no idea what to do to fix it
  14. Jknot

    Windows Znote Website cant create characters

    i can make my accounts just fine but when i try to create a character i get this does anyone know how i can fix it?
  15. Jknot

    AAC Geisor acc problems on install

    Check server configuration Error occured! Error ID: More info: ERROR: #C-1 : Class::ConfigLUA - Line 24 of LUA config file is not valid [key: paralyzeSlow] File: C:\Users\hundr\Desktop\UniServer\www\classes/configlua.php Line: 59 File...