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    [7.4] Avesta 7.4 Global map with spawns.xml and houses

    Iis the same as for othire man
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    VCPKG and Visual Studio 2019 Issue

    sometimes might because wrong installations i have had the same issue the solution thati found was simply re-install the whole system then reinstall the compilers and libraries. i did it because i had msvc in an external disk that i lost and was simply impossible to re-install it again without...
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    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    commit this. as you already know. HookAsmCall(0x0043729A, g_lastTmp does not have nothing to do here. do not try to change what you have already said, please. pinkpanther; version 1: Also, this repo doesnt fix the skull issue, needs to just be unhooked. version 2: Lol... I know. I was just...
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    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    " After all the fucking around I did to get it to work in DevCpp lol Also, this repo doesnt fix the skull issue, needs to just be unhooked." -- your words. :S you said that it should be deleted because the skulls issue wasn't even fixed in it. and because you struggled a lot to compile it with...
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    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    are you dumb or what.. simply commit this part of the code HookAsmCall(0x0043729A, (DWORD)&HookedGetIconSkin);was even you who posted it. i tried to upload mine with the fixes, don't know why the server (otland) is not allowing it. and admins deleted my post (linking to an external link)...
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    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    now compilable with msvc 2017 / 2019. credits goes to saiyanskings https://github.com/SaiyansKing/tibianic-dll
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    🐲 OTC StoneDrake UI by Shiva - [Free Release]

    i saw this layout was being used with otcv8
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    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    for me it was a ruly otserver with an amazing map called neverland i haven't seen it anymore although some people claim to have it when they show it to me it's not the same. it's something similar to yourots map but much and quite different (know it sounds weird) the map was in otx format and...
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    OTClient There is no main OTClient repo?

    The changes weren't made in the edubart repo bcause a lot of PR and changes were nt being added and they were closed deliverately that why mehah di his own fork. also there an otland repo made because it was an attempt to stop making PR in te edubart repo since it was abandoned. but it didn't...
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    C++ convert program from 8.6 to 8.7

    i want to test this. can somebody give me a client 8.70 with localhost ip please? sorry dumb question is this something to add mana support exnted sprites ?
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    Programmer Jerop's Services

    because im use it in a 7.4 server. and like those mechanics. why do you reply with another account? i just needed the mount code not the whole 10.x trash
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    Tutorial for running 7.7 CipSoft Server on Ubuntu

    omg it's true hunters hit like a gun when you are chasing them or running away. monsters have skills(training to long makes them stronger). shielding works really differente distance too it's incredible i would love to have these features somebody will be able to make it in lua for tfs 1.x?
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    Tutorial for running 7.7 CipSoft Server on Ubuntu

    All accs are wrong i have tried more than 10 accounts.
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    Programmer Jerop's Services

    Mount system for 860 where is that system? D: can't find it