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  1. jss

    How can we discourage botting?

    Well lets be honest if its a real tibia then yeah but a server that wont last long why waste time if its gonna shut down then you wasted your time and you will waste your time more looking for other servers. Dont get me wrong I used to hate botters and botting too but I realized Im wasting time...
  2. jss

    How can we discourage botting?

    tibia is an old game was released 1997 before Nokia 6600 people who used to play are getting old and there is no time for me to kill 20 rotworms to get a level or 1 dragon to get a level. I rather let it bot and do my thing then come back and play.
  3. jss


    this one is truly an eye catcher but I have a question will this server be like most trash servers where a guild takes control of all bosses and hunts etc.. like dominate. or everyone is free to enjoy and play and get every single damn person strong as a unity instead of power? depending on your...
  4. jss

    Hoster Free OTS Hosting Service 2020 w/DDoS Protection

    ohhh man this is a dime offer
  5. jss

    Scripter Shadow's Programming Services [Not Available]

    are you good with OTCv8 Client?
  6. jss

    Games that marked you childhood

    This was the shit back in the day ohhh man take me back :')
  7. jss

    [USA][8.5] Slain PvP-E 150x, Kill or be killed!

    GOod luck thats some good news
  8. jss

    Best "Pokemon Tibia" server?

    Lmao most anime based tibia servers are mostly BR, PL and other countries that are not based on English language. But that does not mean its not hard to speak to it. A lot of people speak English it just they rather speak their native language you just gotta work around to find those who speak...
  9. jss

    [Sweden] [8.6] GAMEFATE [PETSYSTEM] [Revamped evo + custom only] [PVPE] [STARTS 17 July 16:00 CET]

    You are a saint then my friend. Keep doing what you want to do and believe in it.
  10. jss

    [Sweden] [8.6] GAMEFATE [PETSYSTEM] [Revamped evo + custom only] [PVPE] [STARTS 17 July 16:00 CET]

    don't listen to someone who just registered on the forum especially with all the hell going on in the world. Don't trust a stranger from covid-19
  11. jss

    Command and Conquer Tiberium Sun

    take me back to the good old days
  12. jss

    You guys do not understand why OTs are dying.

    No matter what age or universe you are in you will always come back to Tibia one way or another just accept it.
  13. jss

    [POLAND][CUSTOM] World Of Dragon Ball Online 2

    WTH!! The daily boss in the video 1:00 is a Mutt lmao hahahaha Mr.satan can survive in this world I guess.
  14. jss

    Tibia 3D Multiplayer Project - what do you think?

    wow this is amazing