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    [North America] [11.00] Erpegia started 30.03

    you need to change lenguaje to english
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    [France] | Custom-8.6: Lunaria World | Custom Map | 12 Vocs | RPGPVP

    thanks and where can i sell creature products and is there a way to gather water for later
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    [France] | Custom-8.6: Lunaria World | Custom Map | 12 Vocs | RPGPVP

    where to get sharp stone in starting island and really maybe add something that make last longer durability i hit with weapon takes 3-4 durability only 30 hits and it breaks and where is depot's reward shop NPC another thing iis that u waste armor shield durability even when you are not blocking...
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    [France] | Custom-8.6: Lunaria World | Custom Map | 12 Vocs | RPGPVP

    how can i make my items durability lasy longer really cant make a good 20 min hunt because i need to rapair and at least lower lvls 50 gp per piece is a lot
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    [FRANCE] [CUSTOM] Poke-Journey - Relaunch 26/Jan/2019 18:00 PM (CET)

    any plans to add news generations? or new spells?
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    .dat weight

    i have a client with .dat that weight 1.266kb it continue saying that tibia client cant read it thats .dat normal client its 1.263kb how can i reduce the weight?
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    [Poland][10.98] Raxandor RPG Custom BETA Official Soon!

    can you make a little translate to english, im talking about the web page
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    [10.00 - UK]Sword-Quest MMORPG (Permadeath system, Shumpo, world inspired by SAO)

    you have to download the otclient 1.7 if u have the normal tibia client 1.0 u are going to have debug
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    [Australia] Nutopia| 10.98 | Nutopia Original Map

    theres something else custom or just the map?
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    damage is too random i can make a hit for 100 and the next one hitting 1-2 arrow with hit 100% still fail a lot
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    [Poland] [Custom] Naruto Story

    definetly going to play