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  1. Kaorus

    Programmer Offering programming job

    Support Dohko about that He worked on Shadowrealm, made a very shitty bot version (a lot of bugs on autotarget) and when his old admin asked him fix that, he disappears constantly. He is only focusing in his own projects and really dont dedicate time to his programming jobs and he has the nerve...
  2. Kaorus

    Need service programming-30USD

    Hi! I want a bot for a server where i need use pixel recognize (is easy, have 3 process 1) Recognize a signal 2) Push a key 3) Solve a mathematic stimation Interest send me inbox
  3. Kaorus

    Adding guild wars icons to older tibia version

    Yes, pay for it You will need edit Client and Source (C++), and will take a time insert that system in your server
  4. Kaorus

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] - February Voting Thread

    Personally, I am very disturbed by the very dark images because it is difficult to appreciate the details, how playable it looks, how the sprites were combined and their relationship with the evaluation criteria. 1. I dont liked first SS (mainly for light combination) but loved second SS 2. I...
  5. Kaorus

    Suggestion about a Distro 7.72 to make maps for fun (and possible open a server)

    Well, i described all on my title xD I like mapping and i want some server to test mapping zones Ideally 7.72 and functional to test scripts too
  6. Kaorus

    RIP CodexNG

    He was an asshole, but probably one of the most talented asshole the OTfans generation gave us RIP
  7. Kaorus


    Spots are very boring :( Example, Rotworm cave near of the city it's very small and if you down -2, you can find Slimes (that are very dangerous for people with basic set); You have some trolls (like 4-5) at ground floor; I think that you need play with floors to expand each cave and a serious...
  8. Kaorus


    Suggestion: Remove Dwarf from Rat caves It's really annoying when you are lvl 1 and a Dwarf attack you xD Or divide on 2 different rooms
  9. Kaorus

    Para los que fueron usuarios de otfusión o eotfans o OTSH

    Pensar que le vendí mi indoor de marihuana a una persona que conocí gracias Otland :3
  10. Kaorus

    [France][Custom] ArchlightOnline - New Season - Coming June 19th 2020

    I feel like the webpage have a bug Check this: Hall of fame show that any team made Cook up a storm. BUT!, if you check high lvl character, have death for Forgotten Island creatures
  11. Kaorus

    [USA] [Custom] [OTC] Shadow Realm Online - Relaunch 15/August/2019 10am PT

    Bro, Really? Each fucking era you have a brain hemorrage when it's announced a new era on this server ¿You need attention? ¿Love? ¿Sex? ¿Drugs? ¿An health insurance to treat your cerebral ischemia?
  12. Kaorus

    [USA] [Custom] [OTC] Shadow Realm Online - Relaunch 15/August/2019 10am PT

    Server will reset August 15th ¿More info please?
  13. Kaorus

    Para los que fueron usuarios de otfusión o eotfans o OTSH

    Oye hijo de puta, que ha sido de tu vida? Yo ya estoy titulado (soy farmaceutico), tengo 27 años, sigo sin hijos y sigo jugando Tibia xD Juego de mierda que cuesta dejarlo :(
  14. Kaorus

    [Canada] [8.60] DeathZot | 99% Custom Map | 22 Vocations | Over 200 New Items | Prestige | Dungeons

    Suggestion; ¿It's possible add a training feature for premium players? Example, a player use !training on/off and with that command, the player can AFK on trainer without be kicked for system (Xlog dont work and not all people can have his PC on all day to training) or activate Xlog for premium...
  15. Kaorus

    [USA] [Custom] [OTC] Shadow Realm Online - Relaunch 15/August/2019 10am PT

    The server has a good staff, which is constantly adding new systems and taking into consideration the suggestions of their players. It has an OTC client so you can not use external bot, but it has its own bot that is more than anything autotarget / autohealer. Those who claim for P2W are people...