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  1. Klonera

    Cheap NA, Asia servers vps servers?

    As the title says, i do not need above 1gb of ram neither the less parts inside it can be near to worthless. Anyone that can recommend a cheap host for a proxy server up in NA and one in Asia?
  2. Klonera

    I was today years old when i figured this out..

    Don't worry, no question is dumb enough. (Don't overdo my sentence) I am using it on my own OTS which is visible by the picture
  3. Klonera

    Cheap Server Setups

    Alright, let me start this thread by saying a short statement. I am not looking for anything related to jokes, this is a serious thread. I hate working my ass of for people at big companies or just anywhere in general, lucky me only needs ish €500 to live. So i am now offering services. (Sadly...
  4. Klonera

    [How to] Map live

    Sadly this does no longer exist in newer RME's :( Would be hella nice to be able to map together
  5. Klonera

    RevScripts Play gif upon area

    Hi, would it be possible to play up a gif in-game over client 12 which is only happening once you enter on spot x, y, z to x, y, z (top left corner to bottom right corner). What i want to do here is to play up an effect like snow in an area. Would be cool! Thanks in advance
  6. Klonera

    How do i create a GM in sql database. I have a character

    You are probably using an outdated version or too new version of Gesior.. Find out what TFS you're using, then download the right Gesior version or use Znote acc which automatically updates the TFS version to the one you're using
  7. Klonera

    How do i create a GM in sql database. I have a character

    What TFS version are you using? Gesior or Znote acc would be the best to use, really simple to install. Are you using Linux or Windows? If Linux: Enter your www folder location, then HTML folder. Grab your website. Unzip it. Enter your address. Follow the steps If Windows...
  8. Klonera

    [Sweden] [Custom] - Therran

    Holy crap, looks amazing! Q: The last pic with the things underneath the water, is the water transparent?
  9. Klonera

    1 Player for spell/level testing (A few hours)

    Upp, got 4-5 testers atm. Still need a few more.
  10. Klonera

    How do i create a GM in sql database. I have a character

    Inside your account tab, you can access your accounts. Make sure to put "TYPE" to 5 for access. Then head over to your players tab and check for "ID" and put it for your GM, CM or god id. (4-5-6) usually
  11. Klonera

    I was today years old when i figured this out..

    12.64, as mentioned above in a comment
  12. Klonera

    C++ Update logs from website into game launcher

    Hi, I am trying to get an update-log box into my current game-launcher which is built with c++. I've been stuck for a little trying to figure this out, google search after search. It's currently inside XAML <Grid> <Image Stretch="UniformToFill" Source="images/LauncherBackground.png"/>...
  13. Klonera

    [USA] [CUSTOM] Swordart - SAO Game Fantasy

    <-- Tbh, this looks interesting. Sadly, looks like too lil work has gone into the whole development and recreation of the game. Keep it up!
  14. Klonera

    Is CIP behind OT?

    I get that point, in the OTS i am creating. It's always action and the pay-2-win I am gathering inside it to "stay alive" = outfits, house decoration etc. NOTHING that can break the game. This includes almost no items will even be for sale. Only available in quests + events which means that the...
  15. Klonera

    I was today years old when i figured this out..

    Yeah, sucks but for a non numpad user I am happy. Haha