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    MEDIVIA - update what u think

    Well, Cleric becomes Druid//Sorcerer > Archmage//Warrior > Knight//Scout > Ranger That's the new names of vocations and their promotions ingame.
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    MEDIVIA - update what u think

    Probably lots of people think the game is ruined, but I loved the update. Created a new char last week (last time I played was last year around July~). I think it's great that they r getting their own identity as a whole game, in fact, I can't wait to see how the map's gonna look when they...
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    [Brazil] Fenris - Alternate Tibia Server (A legacy from Thronar)

    Awesome. Alright, quick question, where do I download that client version? xd
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    [Poland] [Custom] Return of the Saiyans

    Oh my.. That's incredible!! So hyped, good job guys, hope I can play it soon!
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    Shikate - Pixelart

    OH MY!!!!!!! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome
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    Shikate - Pixelart

    Nice to see that you are still working on that. But it's been a while since the last time that GLA Team gave some new information. Whats happening? xd
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    Thronar - Alternate Tibia Server (New more organized thread)

    OMG! I'd love to play it again.. brings back so many memories. Siegh please come back to us
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    Dragon Ball Omega | Project (Very soon) | Modded Cliente | Looking for help!

    Oh my!!!! Can't wait to help you guys test it! Loving it.
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    I'm trying to download IP changer, but my firefox/chrome keeps blocking the download for some reason.. idk what to do xd
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    Awesome. Can't wait to play!!
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    Full Custom RPG Dragon Ball Server?

    I would love to play a server like that! Don't keep it as an idea, make it real
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    Shikate - Pixelart

    Awesome, this is so epic, congratulations. Do you have any news on the project? It has been a while since the last time they gave some information on facebook xd
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    Gallowgard - Discussion

    Can't wait to test it. Great work, loved the paladin class with a different role than global Tibia. So exciting.
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    dami1310 - sprite gallery

    Gon and Killua?