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    Bytes works for 12.03 Client

    Hi! Im looking for some one that mabey have done it allready or wana make the new client 12.03 work to my server. Also make the features works like autoloot and all that. Contact me if you can make it and we can discuss price.
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    Programmer Need help to develop your server? Lets do that! LUA/WEB/C++

    Daaaaamn this guy makes your dreams come true! Love this guy! Totally recommended! Thanks alot mate for your coding and i will give you call when i need you! :)
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    ingame store images

    try change localhost to your real ip in http://localhost/
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    Scripter Good payd work. High skilled php scripter needed.

    Hey! If you are high skilled php scripter that can do anything you wana do in php? Then you are the right person and you can earn good pucket money. PM me.
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    Scripter Need a php/mysql skilled person for paid work.

    The work is to implant the some aac functions into my community script. Contact me if intressted. Ofc i will pay for the work.
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    Scripter [TFS 1.2+] Programming service

    Hi Vulcan. I got some work for you. PM me your discord tag or something :)
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    Team Lordaeron

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    Team Lordaeron

    Still looking for people to join our team :)
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    OpenTibia OTLauncher + AutoUpdater

    Someone has the source?
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    Team Lordaeron

    Hi everyone! Its time to get back to Open-Tibia and make some fun project. Tutors, Gamemasters, mappers, scripters etc. Are you intressted to join our team? Join us
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    Scripter Geekbuddy - Service

    Hi! is working to insure that sellers get the money without draw backs money from buyers. We even insure that the buyer gets what that person paid for. We take the fight with paypal draw backs and other problems that can come up. Service is free for now but we will take 1% of the...
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    Gesior AAC by Marco Oliveira

    Nice work, but there is some bug to create account.
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    The forgotten login server [10.8 supported]

    Yepp becouse i use it :)
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    The forgotten login server [10.8 supported]

    Its works allready for 10.98
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    Feature Auto recharge ammo

    Did not work, alot of compile errors. /var/otss/src/weapons.cpp: In member function ‘void Weapon::onUsedWeapon(Player*, Item*, Tile*) const’: /var/otss/src/weapons.cpp:472:8: error: jump to case label [-fpermissive] case WEAPONACTION_REMOVECHARGE: { ^...