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  1. margoh

    OTClient help with mini button windows in containers

    Inside container.otui you need to switch anchors for UIButton id:upButton from minimizeButton to lockButton or whatever you have called it.
  2. margoh

    Lua Problem with toolgear.lua

    if not isInArray({2550, 10511, 10513, 10515}, item.itemid) then return false end Just add id of your item to the array.
  3. margoh

    OTClient Bug on top menu dissapear when using 2560x1080 resolution

    Change Panel anchor.top inside background.otui from anchors.top: topMenu.bottom to anchors.top: parent.top. If there will still be 1px of that "bug" remove margin-top: 1.
  4. margoh

    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    Also, why should he? If you want to have your client protected, add it yourself.
  5. margoh

    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V1

    #4 is the choice to go with. #3 aka #6 looks more like a logo for an e-sport team, rather than server icon.
  6. margoh

    How to house tiles?

    I think if tile doesn't belong to a house the item will disappear after a restart.
  7. margoh

    OTClient 2 errors & 99 warnings during compiling

    If you have downloaded latest otc sources then you have to use vcpkg.
  8. margoh

    [RIPOFF] Health/Mana bar.

    Improved of the first.
  9. margoh

    my window doesn't close

    That's really weird, never encountered that before, so there is not much I can help with.
  10. margoh

    my window doesn't close

    No need for destroying. Just use MainWindow:hide(). I made new module using MainWindow to test this out, when I log out it just closes. This is lua code: local rootWindow local characterName function init() connect(LocalPlayer, { onNameChange = onNameChange })...
  11. margoh

    [RIPOFF] Health/Mana bar.

    Small update on this. Add this to gamelib/util.lua function createTexturedBar(id, min, max, texWidth, texHeight, panel, step, pos) local clipY local posY local height if step == nil and pos == nil then clipY = 0 posY = 0 height = texHeight else clipY = texHeight / step...
  12. margoh

    OTClient otui question

    Default: otland/otclient (https://github.com/otland/otclient/blob/master/src/framework/ui/uiwidgetbasestyle.cpp#L72) Images: otland/otclient (https://github.com/otland/otclient/blob/master/src/framework/ui/uiwidgetimage.cpp#L34) Text: otland/otclient...
  13. margoh

    How to display outfit on inventory window?

    Declare outfitCreatureBox = nil Hook it to an element inside init() function: outfitCreatureBox = inventoryWindow:getChildById('outfitCreatureBox') Add this onOutfitChange = onOutfitChange, under onInventoryChange = onInventoryChange, in both functions init() and terminate(). Next add this...
  14. margoh

    OTClient Need help, moving FreeCapacity down.

    As an attribute for CapLabel.
  15. margoh

    OTClient Need help, moving FreeCapacity down.

    Try with text-offset.