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  1. margoh

    Otclient Classic UI

    This works for me: MiniWindowContents padding: 4 4 3 7 layout: type: grid cell-size: 34 34 cell-spacing: 3 flow: true Line 158: containerWindow:setContentMinimumHeight(cellSize.height + 1) Line 159: containerWindow:setContentMaximumHeight(cellSize.height...
  2. margoh

    Otclient Classic UI

    Increase spacing between cells, and move all that to the right.
  3. margoh

    Otclient Classic UI

    What do you mean? The second version is the same as first, but you can use it anywhere without copying and pasting whole calculations, so in the future if some of your modules will require new bar you just need to use that function.
  4. margoh

    TFS 1.X+ Effect Energy in Spell tfs 1.5 nekiro 7.72

    Shouldn't replacing CONST_ME_ENERGYHIT with CONST_ME_NONE do the job?
  5. margoh

    Otclient Classic UI

    https://otland.net/threads/ripoff-health-mana-bar.274899/ Instead of resizing texture to % it will crop it properly to % making it as real Tibia.
  6. margoh

    Show additional skills on client

    It clearly states that you have used TABs instead of SPACEs.
  7. margoh

    Does Amazon's New World contain features Tibia misses?

    New World is a game from Amazon Games. https://www.newworld.com/
  8. margoh

    OTCv8 Buttons

    https://github.com/OTCv8/otclientv8/blob/master/modules/client_entergame/characterlist.otui https://github.com/OTCv8/otclientv8/blob/4c1fc24f26f6e3fdc9b46916672340dacfcd4b55/data/styles/40-inventory.otui
  9. margoh

    OTCv8 Buttons

    Probably height value of a panel in which button is located can be too small, try to add few pxels and check if it works. As for auto reconnect, look for a function for changing the state of button, maybe there is some part of the code responsible to change text if not, just add it.
  10. margoh

    NPC Highlight speech blue

    Change: if speaktype.npcChat and (g_game.getCharacterName() ~= creatureName or g_game.getCharacterName() == 'Account Manager') then To: if (g_game.getCharacterName() ~= creatureName or g_game.getCharacterName() == 'Account Manager') then
  11. margoh

    Otclient module

    Add it to interface.otmod inside game_interface to load it with client start.
  12. margoh

    OTClient help with mini button windows in containers

    Inside container.otui you need to switch anchors for UIButton id:upButton from minimizeButton to lockButton or whatever you have called it.
  13. margoh

    Lua Problem with toolgear.lua

    if not isInArray({2550, 10511, 10513, 10515}, item.itemid) then return false end Just add id of your item to the array.
  14. margoh

    OTClient Bug on top menu dissapear when using 2560x1080 resolution

    Change Panel anchor.top inside background.otui from anchors.top: topMenu.bottom to anchors.top: parent.top. If there will still be 1px of that "bug" remove margin-top: 1.
  15. margoh

    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    Also, why should he? If you want to have your client protected, add it yourself.