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    Otland a forum for open tibia or for the forgotten server?

    Neither did mine and I didn't get any warning. And sorry but if you find "gringo" and "mimimi" horrible deregatory racist slurs then maybe see a therapist
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    Czas leci...

    Ooo glupie thready jak kiedys na forowych smietnikach <3 Wpizd na rooka first time 2006 chyba Yurotsa mi ktos jeszcze w ten sam rok pokazal albo 2007 Zbugowany x500 exp evo otsik ale smieszny i duzo ludzi gralo chyba 2008. Do tego czasu konta na jakis torgach i innych tnetach na 100% byly juz W...
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    Otland a forum for open tibia or for the forgotten server?

    You don't understand bro tfs 1.x is f u t u r e s h i t made by the most brilliant minds on this planet and everything else is noob br pl second class unstable buggy legacy outdated pleb shit and literally noone uses it and never did. This is tfsland.org nigel so accept upstream TFS as your lord...
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    Nekiro's Rcc Editor

    Do we know each other? Googling "cvd" yields "chemical vapor decomposition" and "cardiovascular disease". Which is it?
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    Nekiro's Rcc Editor

    No software would ever exist if people would listen to you and this bullshit. He used any, oh no, oh fuck the compiler will cry and leave you for Haskell. What a tragedy. Better never touch anything Nekiro never did, it may explode (?). Using any allows you to gradually introduce typing into a...
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    Starting a private server is unnecessarily complex. :(

    I don't know man would he? Apparently he's not that good off if he isn't able to run anything. Maybe the "up-to-date" software you're speaking of is more like "balls deep in development supporting a quantum superposition of 10.98 and 12.x". I don't know what your point is, you started two...
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    Starting a private server is unnecessarily complex. :(

    Read OPs fucking post would you I made the relevant part bold for you. Now go and rewrite TFS in rust or something while we try to give him something that he can work with ok Mr. Hexadecimal Satan? No. Anything other than MySQL got nuked.
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    Starting a private server is unnecessarily complex. :(

    Try this, it's for client 8.6: GitHub - Fir3element/3777 (https://github.com/Fir3element/3777) You can run this with sqlite instead of an entire goddamn RDBMS, which makes things a little easier. Set database type to sqlite. Binaries are in there too so you don't have to compile. You can mess...
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    [list] CIPSoft lazy solutions

    I literally remember checking that 8.2 update out, seeing this rune and being mad that my shitty 8.0/8.1 evo OT didn't have this "something sparkling" yet because I was pinning everything to the ground with stones or holes lol
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    Tibia 6.x Protocol - Resources?

    nightmareknights.com but that's less technical more about the state of the game back then
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    who started Open-tibia

    Don't care who that is but mane didn't you make an IP changer/sprite tool/some kind of Tibia software?
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    Virtual Private Network

    Hetzner Cloud and you can get a free one on Oracle Cloud
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    ◈ Tibia: World Resurrected ◈

    There is no standardized definition of MMORPG. The term was coined by that Ultima Online dude, not the International Standards Organisation. I think if you can have a few hundred people on one map (which OTs can absolutely handle) without instancing (which doesn't exist in Tibia) then it's an...
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    Fossil | 4.0 | Development Thread

    Sorry to hijack the thread but also check out nightmareknights.com and there was tibia-alumni-society.net/cobalt-tower too
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    [Brazil] [7.4] Miner's Adventurer - Test Server

    get rugged lmao