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    otland lagging?

  2. Michael 4463

    otland lagging?

    I'm getting this issue too
  3. Michael 4463

    [GitHub] OpenTibia 10.98, Raspberry Pi, Docker

    Welcome to the open tibia community, what a fantastic first contribution! It's great to have you here!
  4. Michael 4463

    OvH is down :D

    Consistent issues in global routing out of their Vint Hill, USA data center (followed by issues out of their BHS data center, and then back to VH again) Poor support and little to no transparency on issues (fast initial support but slow and poor support from their network and escalation teams)...
  5. Michael 4463

    OvH is down :D

    So glad I moved Dura away from OVH a while ago, certainly no regrets so far! I would have been pretty upset getting woken up in the middle of the night xD
  6. Michael 4463

    Advertising pioneer - town billboards

    Could be effective if you're trying to sell nostalgia, the banner effectively communicates this, and it is located in the right place in the right country. I'm thinking Brazil and Poland exclusively, somewhere early 30yo's frequent. Maybe. It'll be tough to measure its success though...
  7. Michael 4463

    [Custom] GreedOT Alpha

    I've broken my first-play alpha comments into two categories for you below, overall I enjoyed checking out the map a bit and it is great to see more custom ots being developed! Client 'select your language' font is almost unreadable customize the revision information bottom right of login...
  8. Michael 4463

    New otservers list! Otservers.online

    @Dedefere @4Kazelot I mentioned this in my original comments post, but it has already caused an issue for us, so I'll raise it again. When users add a server to the list with a domain name, your service is resolving and storing the IP address that the domain name points to. Your service is...
  9. Michael 4463

    Looking for 12+ evo pack

    https://github.com/opentibiabr/canary Canary is a fork of the otservbr-global project (protocol 12+) but with all of the "global" tibia parts stripped out. This is an ideal place for you to start!
  10. Michael 4463

    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V3

    Sorry! I knew I would have missed people =(
  11. Michael 4463

    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V3

    I don't really care what the outcome is in the end, but unfortunately the handling of this whole icon competition from start to finish has been laughable at best. I'm sure it'll be learnt from and next time something similar comes up it'll be handled better. I did think it'd be fun to see how...
  12. Michael 4463

    New otservers list! Otservers.online

    Well I'd start by not demanding anything, but rather asking nicely! I think it is unlikely though - the existing subforum for otservlist.org should probably just be removed entirely and links to active server lists be provided in a top menu along side e.g. Tools & OTS Guide.
  13. Michael 4463

    Returns the IDS of the items in the backpack

    https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-0-equipment-spy.229058/#post-2207382 https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-1-check-player-eq-dp.228755/#post-2456430
  14. Michael 4463

    New otservers list! Otservers.online

    I like what I am seeing so far Initial thoughts below, ignoring the obvious issues mostly For gamers: Shrink initial stats & message and/or make it collapsible and/or make it optional a la "dashboard" Search filters e.g. by country - potentially you can auto-tag each server by their host...
  15. Michael 4463

    TFS 1.X+ Linux for 1,3 tfs, with best ?

    I'd have to strongly suggest finding another hosting provider and then choosing Ubuntu 20.04. All reputable providers will have this. If that is not an option, then I'd ask this provider why newer operating systems are not available for install, and see if they'll install Ubuntu 20.04 for you...